Live-Action “Moana” Will Begin Filming Soon, PLUS Release Date Has Been Announced!

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Disney is no stranger to making live-action versions of their classic animated movies. From The Little Mermaid andĀ Cinderella to The Lion King, the studio has brought so many of our childhood favorites to life on the big screen. One movie that many fans have been eagerly waiting for is a live-action Moana movie. With its beautiful story, inspiring characters, and stunning visuals, a live-action Moana remake has all the potential to be an unforgettable movie experience.

News of a live-action Moana was confirmed earlier this spring, with Dwayne Johnson – who voiced demi-god Maui in the original animated movie – confirmed to star in the live-action movie. The new film is expected to be a triumph for fans, even though many were upset that AuliŹ»i Cravalho would not be returning to the titular role.

Dwayne Johnson voiced maui

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New Information Revealed About ‘Moana’ Live-Action

As of now, the public knows very little about the film. However, a new Hawaiian casting call has just shed some light on what the filming process for the live action Moana is going to look like. Alessi Hartigan Casting is a Hawaiian-based casting agency that is attached to Moana.Ā On July 15 and 16, this agency will be holding open casting calls for featured background roles in the movie. They are looking got people of all ages to play the inhabitants of the “fictional Pacific Island of Motunui that Moana takes place on.”Ā 

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Moana as a Baby

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The details for the open casting calls are as follows:

Here are the details:

July 15:Ā 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  • Located in Honolulu: Susannah Wesley Community Center

July 16:Ā 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Located in Haleiwa (North Shore): Waialua Community Association

Filming to Begin Soon

Moana on boat

Credit: Walt Disney Animation

As part of the casting call, we learned some super exciting news about the production schedule. According to the memo, the film is going to start filming later in 2023. The release date for the film will be June 27, 2025. This means that we will likely be getting a casting announcement for the rest of the live action adaptation cast very soon.

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