Legendary Pit Master Big Moe Cason is Coming to Walt Disney World

Big Moe Cason
Credit: Big Moe Cason

Legendary Pit Master Big Moe Cason is world famous for his BBQ and is currently on a world tour promoting his National Geographic show “World of Flavor with Big Moe Cason.” The tour will include several stops at military bases for troop appreciation as well as a stop at Walt Disney World to experience some of their incredible BBQ dishes. 

Disney Parks Blog caught up with him for a Q&A: 

Q:  How did you discover your love for BBQ and being a pit master?
A: Well, I came from a family of 17 kids. I discovered my love for cooking over a fire when my family would gather for cookouts, the 4th of July, and other occasions in the backyard. There were just so many positive memories of togetherness, and grilling was something I enjoyed – hot dogs, pork steaks, chicken – I loved it all. I carried that passion with me into the Navy, where I cooked. And, when I got out, I would see BBQ TV shows and competitions, and I said, “That’s me, that’s what I do.” I entered my first cookoff in 2006, and the rest is history. 


Q:  You mentioned coming from a huge family. Tell us about your family now and how it has impacted your journey.
A:  I’m living the dream. I have a very supportive wife and 4 daughters, ranging in ages 12-26, with 2 female dogs and 2 female cats. Because of all the women, I get to do my own thing – cooking over fire. Princess Tiana is one of my daughters’ favorite princesses. I love all things sci-fi. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is one of the things we want to do on our next visit to Walt Disney World Resort, but EPCOT is our favorite park. We love the food, the atmosphere – there is something to do for everyone. 

Big moe cason

Credit: National Geographic

Q: How do you see the future of BBQ?
A: BBQ is Americana, and it has gone global, no matter what country or culture. Whether in Sweden, the Netherlands, or New Zealand, all people have cooked over a fire – from a strip of goat to Asian-style ribs. I’ve gotten ingredients from all over, from my favorite Korean grocery store to using my own seasonings. It’s a happy food where people gather around, have fun and make memories. It has such humble beginnings anchored in survival to just feeding people. It has now transcended into an anchor for family gatherings and the focal point of feel-good moments from the backyard, city park to now theme parks.    


Q: What are some of your certified go-to BBQ dishes?
A: I love a good brisket sandwich. Especially good brisket – that bends when you fold it over itself. Or BBQ that doesn’t even need sauce. That’s when you know it’s grilled to perfection. And sides. When you think about the different ways baked beans are prepared, or your favorite mac and cheese, your various slaws, etc., those complement your protein and vice versa.


Q: What’s next for you?
A: I’m traveling to Alaska to cook for an Air Force base and soon traveling to Pearl Harbor to cook for the military there. I’ll continue teaching my BBQ classes. My goal with these classes is to teach others to make outstanding middle-of-the-road BBQ. During Covid, I did these classes virtually from my backyard. Also up is Walt Disney World Resort! In addition to tasting some great BBQ, I’m looking forward to visiting EPCOT, my family’s favorite park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is so cool! The Tree of life and the Avatar Flight of Passage are our favorites.

Big Moe Cason

We’ve got to say, an EPCOT fan, a Star Wars lover AND knows his way around a BBQ smoker? Big Moe Cason may just be Disney Dining’s new favorite person! 


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