Disney+ to Offer National Geographic Premium Subscription

Jeff Goldblum Disney Plus
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Subscribers to Disney+ know that there is so much more to the streaming service than just Disney movies and television shows. You can also access a ton of great movies and shows from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. National Geographic has a ton of great shows like The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Life Below Zero, and Wicked Tuna. From science to animals, travel, and tech, there is something for everyone.

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom National Geographic

Credit: National Geographic

Now, National Geographic lovers will have a chance to have their own unique Disney+ subscription package. Disney and National Geographic will be releasing National Geographic Premium With Disney+. National Geographic Premium will give subscribers access to Disney+, a digital membership to Nat Geo, access to exclusive subscriber content on the Nat Geo app, a copy of National Geographic’s “A Year in Pictures”, as well as 10 issues of Nat Geo Kids.


Nat Geo Kids

Credit: National Geographic

The Hollywood Reporter shared more on the exciting new offering.

The offer is launching ahead of Earth Day on April 22, with Nat Geo betting that it can drive new interest around the flurry of exclusive content on Disney+ that Nat Geo has planned, including docs like Explorer: The Last Tepui.

“It’s kind of like our Super Bowl,” says Julie Galvin VP of marketing at National Geographic Media.

The offer is meant to tie together the different strings of National Geographic, and let users read, watch, or otherwise consume Nat Geo content in the format most useful to them.

“We saw an opportunity to make it easier and more accessible to pull together the best of National Geographic. It gives people the opportunity to explore more topics when and how they want, but also just due to the depth and breadth of our content, really take a deep dive on topics that are interesting to them,“ Galvin says. “It is something that allows somebody who sees a show, maybe you watch a Nat Geo documentary on Disney+, and then dive a lot deeper online.”

Nat Geo The Last Tepui

Credit: National Geographic

National Geographic has seen a lot of growth since its partnership with Disney+. This year alone, more than a dozen Nat Geo series will be released exclusively for Disney+ subscribers. At its launch, National Geographic Premium With Disney+ will cost $10.99 per month. A one-year subscription will cost $109 and there is also a two-year subscription available for $190.

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