Leader of Disney’s Terrestrial Conservation Team Gives Exclusive Interview In This Video

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Credit: Disney

Although it may not seem like it, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is anything but just a theme park.

Behind the scenes are hundreds of Disney scientists conducting important research toward the conservation, preservation, and appreciation of our natural world.

Disney recently shared an exclusive interview with one of these scientists, in particular: Dr. Zak.

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Credit: Disney

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Dr. Zak is a conservation manager, as well as the leader of Disney’s terrestrial conservation programs. His work has taken him not only to Central Florida, where he has worked on conserving the state’s natural biodiversity but to other countries as well. His nature conservancy work has taken him to Greenland, Costa Rica, and even Kenya.

Hear about Dr. Zak’s biodiversity conservation efforts firsthand with this video:

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Dr. Zak’s work toward environmental conservation is anything but over, and he hopes to study land animals and their ecosystems for the rest of his life. According to Disney, he hopes his work will take him to a “tropical forest” in Asia or Africa next.


Credit: Disney

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This is just a small part that Walt Disney World Resort plays in the worldwide effort of nature conservancy.

Although a day spent at Animal Kingdom is always a wild time (thanks to attractions such as Expedition Everest and Avatar Flight of Passage), just know that real scientific research is constantly being conducted beneath the surface.

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Credit: Disney

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For even more information on Dr. Zak and his conservation efforts, check out Disney’s full story and report here.

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