Willy Wonka Fiasco Leaves Marvel Star Begging For Role

karen Gillan Willy Wonka experience
Credit: House of Illuminati/Karen Gillan Instagram

If you have been on the internet over the past week or so, then you have probably heard of the viral Willy Wonka experience that was an unmitigated DISASTER. Willy’s Chocolate Experience was set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, and promised to transport guests to a chocolate wonderland, complete with an Enchanted Garden, an Imagination Lab, and a Twilight Tunnel.

The photos used on the site showed something truly otherworldly.

Willy's Chocolate Experience

Credit: House of Illuminati

However, when guests arrived, excited to experience Willy’s Chocolate Experience, they were horrified by what they saw. The industrial warehouse was almost empty, looking nothing like the photos.

There was a cheap-looking rainbow, surrounded by a gray floor and gray walls. Many of the decorations looked like they came from a Christmas decoration warehouse and a discount shop. It appeared that some of the images shown on the site were also printed out onto a sheet and tacked onto the wall.

apparently this was sold as a live Willy Wonka Experience but they used all AI images on the website to sell tickets and then people showed up and saw this and it got so bad people called the cops lmao

Even the people working at the event looked like they would rather be anywhere else. Social media users had an absolute field day.

Here’s the Oompa Loompa. Did I mean to say “a”? Nah. Apparently, there was only one.

And we can’t forget to mention “The Unknown”, an evil chocolate maker who popped out from behind a mirror, absolutely terrifying the young children who were hoping to be transported to a world of pure imagination.


£155 for our Willy Wonka experience 🤣🤣 if you don’t laugh you’ll cry. #willywonkaexperience #willywonkaglasgow #willywonka

♬ original sound – josiejo

Perhaps the most shocking part about the whole thing was that tickets were £45 per person. So, families shelled out hundreds of pounds, only to be left with something they would rather forget.

Things got so bad and there were so many complaints, the Wonka event actually shut down. But because things were already so terrible, let’s add some sprinkles to the top of that sundae. The event organizers didn’t bother to notify anyone who had tickets that the event was canceled until further notice, so people showed up, only to be greeted by a dirty cardboard sign.

This ripped piece of cardboard they used to announce the cancelation of the Willy Wonka Experience event is just the cherry on top. I’m crying laughing 🤣

As you can see, it was an absolute mess, that actually ended with the police being called. The internet can’t get enough of the chaos and wants to see more of it.

And so does one Marvel star.

Karen Gillan — known for her role as Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers franchises — desperately wants someone to make a movie about Willy’s chocolate catastrophe. And she wants in. Whatever the role, she wants it.

The man behind the event — Billy Coull — apologized and said that refunds would be issued to those who bought tickets to the event. He also blamed the calamity on the fact that things that had been ordered for the event and were supposed to arrive the day before, had not shown up. Because apparently, you can create a chocolate wonderland in about 8 hours.

Mr. Coull also admitted that the images used on the site were not real. They had been created by artificial intelligence.

Willy's Chocolate Experience

Credit: House of Illuminati

It’s possible that Gillan could get her wish. People love to watch disasters unfold before their eyes. So, if any Hollywood studios are listening, if you plan on making a movie about this fiasco, we have the perfect actress for you.

What do you think about this Willy Wonka mess? Let us know in the comments!

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