Billionaire Investor Wants Disney to Use MORE AI to Create Stories

Disney using more Artificial Intelligence
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Over the past few years, the use of artificial intelligence has absolutely exploded. It is used in everything from medicine to finance, the automotive industry, and more. Some people will use Chatbots to write articles and educational papers. Some even encourage the use of Chatbots to do things like help write cover letters and prepare for job interviews.

The use of artificial intelligence has treated a firestorm of debate. There are those who believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future, and they fully embrace it. Others dislike artificial intelligence because it takes away from the human aspect of life and creation.

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Disney has not stayed clear of the debate. The company has received a lot of backlash for terminating thousands of employees, while also hiring people to work with AI within the company. But Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that he wants to continue to give creative powers to the creatives, and not rely too heavily on artificial intelligence.

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However, one major investor is actually asking Disney to use MORE artificial intelligence. They want the Mouse House to use AI to do everything from helping people plan their Disney vacations to creating new characters. That’s right. Instead of Disney’s film and television writers creating new stories, they want them to use AI to come up with something new.

That investor is Blackwells Capital — a hedge fund run by millionaire Jason Aintabi. And they may have a real shot at increasing the use of AI at Disney if they win seats on Disney’s Board of Directors.

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Disney shareholders will vote on Board Members on April 3, and Aintabi is determined to get a seat. So, he released his “vision” for what he wants Disney to become.

“Disney should be dominating in the fields of spatial computing and AI (artificial intelligence). Few companies have the potential of Disney to synthesize these revolutionizing technologies, and relate them to consumers with the impact, and ROI, that Disney can. Spatial computing has far more relevance to Disney than it does to either Apple or Meta, for example.”

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Aintabi believes that Disney has a unique advantage when it comes to the tech industry. Disney can utilize the intellectual property it already has and capitalize on that with the use of artificial intelligence. AI could also take what Disney has and create new characters and content that would fit in with the company ethos.

Aintabi also took the time to jab at Nelson Peltz — a billionaire investor who is also fighting for a seat on the board. But while Aintabi wants to focus on developing creatively and focus on the parks, Mr. Peltz is focused on earning more money for shareholders.

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Disney has encouraged shareholders not to vote for Mr. Peltz, claiming that he is using shares owned by Ike Perlmutter to try to take more control of the company. Ike Perlmutter was fired from Marvel and has been accused of holding a vendetta against Disney. Aintabi seemed to agree with Disney, saying Disney didn’t need to be “corrupted by flip-flopping personal vendettas and lack of qualification.”

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