Guests Spot K-9 Units Dispatched at Walt Disney World Resort

K9 at Riverside
Credit: Disney and Canva

For many of the millions of Guests who visit Walt Disney World Resort every year, security is a big priority. Guests trust Disney with their lives when it comes to riding the attractions and staying on the property. To make sure that Guests feel safe at all times, Disney has implemented a thorough safety protocol at the Parks. One of these safety protocols is their K-9 unit of dogs. 

Canine Protectors at Walt Disney World Resort

K-9 units have long been a familiar sight at the illustrious Walt Disney World Resort. These dedicated and highly trained canine teams play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of the Resort’s Guests and staff. From their impressive training to their invaluable contributions, the presence of these K-9 units adds an extra layer of protection to the magical experience that Disney offers.

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

Credit: Disney

At Walt Disney World Resort, K-9 units are specially trained to detect potential threats and provide assistance in various situations. These remarkable dogs undergo extensive training programs to develop their keen senses and remarkable abilities. Whether it’s detecting explosives, narcotics, or other prohibited substances, these K-9 units excel in their tasks.

Another unique talent that these dogs have is sniffing out bed bugs at Resorts. Bed bugs can be a significant issue for Disney and can significantly tamper the reputation of a Disney Resort Hotel.

The dedication and hard work of both the canines and their highly skilled handlers are commendable. The handlers form a strong bond with their canine partners, fostering a relationship built on trust, respect, and effective communication. Together, they form an unbeatable team that works tirelessly to maintain the security of the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Guests outside Riverside Mill Food Court

Credit: Disney

Guests Spot K9 Units in Action

Visitors to the Resort often catch glimpses of these admirable K-9 units throughout their stay. These teams are strategically stationed at various locations across the Resort and can sporadically be seen in several areas, including Park entrances, transportation hubs, and other high-traffic areas. Their presence serves as a reassuring reminder that every effort is made to ensure the safety and well-being of all Guests.

While their presence should be no cause for concern, some fans still feel shocked when they see one of these dogs at work on Disney property. One Guest felt confusion after they allegedly spotted a K-9 unit while staying at Disney’s  Port Orleans Resort Riverside. A post from this Guest says,

We’re staying at Port Orleans Riverside and just saw the K-9 unit walking around outside of the different rooms. Just out of curiosity what are they sniffing for? When we asked the handlers just said “for safety” but it seems a little odd, we’ve never seen them at the resorts before.

K-9 unit at Riverside
byu/TheOstrichEgg inWaltDisneyWorld

While it cannot be confirmed what precisely these dogs were doing, it can be presumed that they may have just been doing a routine inspection.

The K9 units at Walt Disney World Resort are not only focused on security but also contribute to the overall Guest experience. These friendly and approachable dogs often serve as ambassadors of goodwill, bringing smiles to the faces of visitors of all ages. Their presence adds an extra touch of magic, and many guests take the opportunity to interact with these remarkable canines, capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

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