Just Days After Opening, New Disney Attraction Becomes a Ghost Town

A crowd of people walking toward a theme park entrance with a bridge overhead. In the background, there's a large, rocky, mountainous structure with a waterfall. Buildings and trees surround the area under a partly cloudy sky, perfectly setting the scene for discovering Disney Springs.
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With millions of visitors every year, Walt Disney World Resort is known for being a hotspot for families and fans of all things Disney. Typically, fans have to combat large crowds and lines at every corner of the resort, especially when it comes to experiencing the new attractions being offered.

Disney has been known to have attraction lines span for hours long during peak seasons. While this is unfortunate and often irritating, it has become something fans grow to expect when wanting to experience a new Disney theme park offering. What guests would not expect, however, is the exact opposite: a brand-new Disney attraction with little to no crowds or lines.

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A bronze statue of a man waving next to a character holding hands stands in front of a castle. Around them, many people walk and gather, some taking photos and wearing casual clothes. The scene is vibrant and lively with the castle's blue and pink hues in the background.

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Where Did All the Crowds Go?

Just last week, Disney Springs premiered its brand new drone show called Disney Springs That Soar. Disney Dreams That Soar takes guests on a magical journey through the enchanting world of Disney. This captivating show features stunning drone technology that lights up the night sky above Disney Springs, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

The combination of music, lights, and storytelling transports the audience to a realm where Disney characters come to life in a way like never before. As the drones move gracefully through the air, forming intricate shapes and patterns, spectators are left in awe of the sheer beauty and creativity of the performance.

Disney Dreams That Soar

Credit: Disney

For many, Disney Dreams That Soar drone show truly exemplifies the innovative spirit of Disney and its commitment to delivering unique and mesmerizing entertainment to its guests. For the first few nights of the events, Disney parks fans poured into the viewing area to catch a glimpse of the show. Now, just days later, the are seems empty.

Guests Loose Appetite for Drone Experience

There is no denying that it is not a great look for such a new attraction. The fireworks show inside Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studio Park gather thousands night after night, even after running for years on end. For such a new offering to already be this empty is not a great look for the Disney Springs drone show.

Hopefully, as summer comes in, more fans will give this new drone show a shot. Crowds play a big part in influencing the Walt Disney Company’s decisions, and many fans definitely want to keep free nighttime entertainment alive in the Disney Springs area.

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