Walt Disney World Area Reaches Capacity; Guests Turned away and Lots Marked ”Full”

A monorail with a red stripe travels above a parking lot at sunset. In the background, a castle is illuminated by the golden hues of the setting sun, surrounded by lush green trees. The sky is tinged with warm orange and pink shades, creating a picturesque scene of Disney Springs area.
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There is no doubt about it: Disney Springs is the place to be tonight, May 24. This popular shopping area is normally a more relaxing and moderately busy part of Walt Disney World Resort. However, tonight’s main event has drawn in crowds unlike any this Disney destination has seen recently.

Earlier tonight, many guests visiting the Disney resort area were shocked to see crowds of hundreds of Disney Parks fans fill the area. As crowds continued to flood in, Disney ended up having to make the difficult decision to mark certain areas as “full.”

Disney Dreams That Soar

Credit: Disney

Popular Disney Area Receives New Show

Disney Springs is currently filled to capacity on the inaugural evening of Disney Dreams That Soar, an awe-inspiring Disney Springs drone show brought to life by AT&T. The event has drawn in crowds of eager spectators; all gathered to witness the magic and wonder of this enchanting show.

While Disney Springs has always been a beloved Disney resort area, the crowds seen there tonight are truly out of the ordinary. It is clear that fans are feeling excited about the debut of this new drone show in tonight’s night sky.

The overwhelming response and attendance on this special night underscored the immense popularity and anticipation surrounding Disney Dreams That Soar, a free drone show happening in the shopping district. The successful launch of this captivating event marked the beginning of a new era of entertainment at Disney Springs, promising unforgettable moments for all who attended.

The Message Is Clear: Fans Love Free

The collaboration between Disney and AT&T showcased a seamless blend of technology and creativity, captivating audiences and igniting imaginations. At its core, fans are overjoyed by the thought of another free entertainment option for fans to experience at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Disney Dreams That Soar drone show will potentially set a precedent for Disney to continue to provide free and accessible entertainment options to the Disney Springs area. As the 800 drones take to the skies, fans will be eager to share their first reactions and feelings on this momentous show.

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