It’s a Million Degrees in Cenral Florida. So Who Exactly is Wearing Spirit Jerseys?

It's a Million Degress in Cenral Florida. So Who Exactly is Wearing Spirit Jerseys?
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Florida is hot. That’s it, that’s the article!

Just kidding, but we all know that almost all year round, the state of Florida is only about 10 degrees short of the sun. Guests and locals alike get a little bit of a break for a few months, but generally speaking, Florida will, in fact, melt your face off. It’s mostly swamps, after all. The hottest day in Orlando in 2022 was July 13. Temperatures soared to a blistering 99 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not a dry heat either. Florida is known to be very humid! Spend five minutes outside in the summer, and you’ll look like you’ve just jumped into a swimming pool.

Because of this, there are tons of tips and tricks at DisneyDining.com to help you ‘beat the heat.’ As someone who tries (in vain) to not let the heat stop them from enjoying Walt Disney World in the summer, much of this advice is spot on and could even prevent you from becoming a heat casualty. We see it a lot in parks, especially as temps start to climb after March. More and more people are rolled away on stretchers because they succumb to the tropical pepperiness that is Florida.

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This brings us to the point of our article. One of the best ways to cool off at Walt Disney World is to duck into one of the many shops that you’ll find all around the parks. In the stores, you will find a cornucopia of mouse-clattered items. From ears to toys, everything that could slate your Disney lust is there. One item, in particular, makes little sense and has become a bit of a running joke within the Disney community. You’ve probably guessed it, we’re talking about Disney Spirit Jerseys. If you are unfamiliar, spirit jerseys are a Disney merchandise item themed to different characters and attractions. They’re super cute and long-sleeved, and thick, and hot. Like really hot.

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Now, I’ll admit, these are class-A items. They sell a lot of them, and they’re typically highly sought after. I own a couple myself. I have noticed that a few of those people we talked about early, you know the ones on a gurney with a one-way ticket to IV town, are donning these long-sleeves shirts. I get the allure, I really do. I’ve tried to wear them as well, but typically I end up changing during the day. I’ve given up trying them. It’s just too hot.

Who’s actually wearing these things in the parks? How do they keep selling? What kind of masochist is willing to put themselves through something as unbearable as wearing a spirit jersey in July? Sure, the long sleeves can protect your skin from sun damage, but at what cost? Are you really willing to deep-fry your insides so that your Instagram photos look ‘fire?’ I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand. Maybe I’m supposed to just sit back and let people do what they want. Sure, but I care about you all. I don’t want to see any of you take the most dreaded Disney ride of all, an ambulance to the hospital.

All joking aside, although these clothes are entirely too hot to wear to the parks in the summer, most guests aren’t planning on wearing them at Walt Disney World. Visitors to Florid’s most popular place come from all over, and most of you plan to rock these rather fashionable shirts back home, where it’s safe. But still, there are those who brave the summer sun and its ugly step-sister 100% humidity and wear spirit jerseys when others are just praying for a little bit of AC. So with that, I’d like to know, outside of a Disney Park, where are you reppin’ the spirit jersey?

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