Is the Fantasmic! Dragon Permanently Shelved After Devastating Fire Incident? Here’s What We Know…

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Fans of the beloved Fantasmic! spectacular at Disneyland have eagerly marked their calendars for the highly anticipated return of the show scheduled for May 24, 2024. The show’s revival comes as a ray of hope after an unfortunate mid-show fire forced its closure last year. Fans are thrilled to once again have this magical show return to Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort.

Amidst the excitement surrounding the show’s revival, questions are arising regarding the return of the infamous Maleficent Dragon, the very culprit of the fire incident. Disney enthusiasts and Fantasmic! devotees alike are curious to see if the iconic dragon will make a grand reappearance in May.


Credit: Disney

Will Malefacent Return?

Disneyland Fantasmic! is a mesmerizing nighttime spectacular that enchants guests of all ages. The show takes place in Fronteirland at Disneyland Park, where Mickey Mouse uses his vivid imagination to take the audience on a magical journey. With stunning visual effects, water projections, fireworks, and beloved Disney characters, Fantasmic!, which also performs at Walt Disney World Resort, is a must-see experience for visitors to Disneyland Park.

As night falls at Disneyland Resort, the park comes alive with dazzling fireworks displays that light up the sky. These spectacular shows, combined with the dazzling music, characters, and fire effects of Fantasmic!, create a magical atmosphere that leaves guests in awe of the creativity and attention to detail that Disney is renowned for.

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One of the show’s main attractions is the dazzling animatronic Maleficent, which breathes fire and battles Mickey Mouse. The dragon is a centerpiece of the performance, and seeing it burn down last year was truly devastating for beloved fans. Now that the show is returning, fans wonder what will take the place of Maleficent.

Return… Unlikely

As much as we wish the dragon was returning, it is unlikely that Disney will be able to create another animatronic of that size and scale by May. Many fans agree with this hypothesis and wonder what Disney could do to replace such an iconic element of the show.

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Overall, Fantasmic! at Disneyland is a true masterpiece that showcases the wonder and imagination that Disney is famous for. With its captivating storytelling, beloved Disney Park characters, and breathtaking effects, this nighttime spectacular is a highlight of any visit to the park.

Even without Maleficent, this show is still spectacular. There is no doubt that fans will be happy to give this show a warm welcome when it returns come springtime.

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