Is Something Wrong With Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress?

Credit: Disney

One of Magic Kingdom’s signature classic attractions is currently down. Is something going on with Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress? Here’s everything we know…

WDW castle

Credit: Disney

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Of all four theme parks making up Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park is the Disney Resort with the quintessential rides and attractions.

As Guests walk down the 20th Century Main Street, U.S.A., the Cinderella Castle waits for them in the distance. Even further lies Adventureland’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Fantasyland’s “it’sTomorrowland’s a small world,” Tomorrowland’s Space Mountain, and…the Carousel of Progress.

walt disney and carousel of progress

Credit: Disney

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This attraction was designed by Walt Disney himself and was actually built for Disneyland Park. It was meant to go into a themed area named ‘Edison Square.’ However, Tomorrowland was made instead, and the project debuted at the 19564-65 New York World’s Fair instead.

Audiences loved the revolving theater and the catchy song, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” written by Richard and Robert Sherman. The attraction finally opened at Disneyland Park, where it would stay until 1975. It was then relocated to Magic Kingdom Park.

The attraction has been running ever since! But this morning, Guests checking the Disney World mobile app may have noticed something disheartening.

carousel of progress is temporarily closed

Credit: Walt Disney World Mobile App

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Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress was listed as ‘Temporarily Closed’ when the Disney Park opened this morning.

At the time of this article’s publication, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is still listed as ‘Temporarily Closed’ in the Disney World mobile app, and nobody knows why!

Carousel of Progress

Credit: Disney

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That said, it’s not uncommon for an attraction as old as the Carousel of Progress to experience technical difficulties. Although we can’t confirm anything, it’s safe to assume that the attraction is only facing standard technical difficulties.

If it were something more pressing, Disney would likely send out an announcement. Not only that, it probably wouldn’t be listed as ‘Temporarily Closed’ on the mobile app.

So don’t fret because a “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” is on its way, and this attraction will likely reopen soon enough!

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