Injured Influencer Calls Disney Out For Non-Disability-Friendly Practices and Policies

three girls dressed as princesses, one is in a wheelchair
Credit: Disney

A couple of times during the year, runDisney (a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company) hosts some Disney-themed marathons, in which runners can run a marathon through the Disney Parks of Walt Disney World and see rare characters along the way.

Credit: Disney

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These races are exhilarating, and many runners dress up as their favorite characters. However, the rules and regulations for participation are very clear, albeit complicated. In true Disney fashion, one of the policies they make crystal clear is that there are no refunds and no exceptions. But one participant is arguing for a change.



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TikTok influencer Alex K recently injured herself while training for the upcoming Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend event by runDisney. As a result, her plans have changed. She explains in one of her videos that she “maybe won’t even be able to walk the half marathon” due to the injury.

Credit: runDisney

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The content creator explains that upon reaching out to Disney in an attempt to receive a refund or defer her participation until next year’s event, Disney gave her two options: ‘scrubbing’ the race without receiving a medal or simply not participating at all. In either case, the participants will not get their money back.

Here is the video for the whole story.


@disneyparks @disneyworldoffical @disney #rundisney #disneyprincesshalfmarathon help me understand why this is the policy.

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In the video, Alex points out the irony of Walt Disney World as an “all-inclusive” and “disability-friendly Park” being unwilling to refund this participant despite her recent injury.

Many TikTok users have come to the content creator’s defense, demanding that the Walt Disney Company make an exception or, better yet, change the policy altogether.

At this time, neither the Walt Disney Company nor runDisney has made any statements or changes.

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