Ice Cream Crawl Part Four: Resorts

Ice Cream Crawl part Four: Resort:

Walt Disney World Resorts

Artist Point, Wilderness Lodge resort-Artist Point Cobbler is seasonal berry cobbler served with housemade ice cream $11.00.

Top Choice for Resorts:  Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, this is a table service restaurant that is very popular and has just recently started taking reservations. If you are unable to get a reservation to sit inside, you can still wait in a line for takeout.   There is outside seating that is alongside the outstanding swimming area at the Beach Club.  The theming is so convincing, the food so delicious, you will be surprised when you walk outside and not see an Atlantic City boardwalk under your feet.  The booths have mini-jukeboxes and beach ball decorations.  The colors are a nostalgic blend of aqua and pink, from the designed tile floor to the booths, tables and chairs to the bead board wall coverings and tin ceilings.

The table tops and counters are black, gray and white granite.  There are ceiling fans and ice cream cone lights and mirrored walls on the booth side. The food on the menu is all about comfort.  This is a place you won’t mind spending time in, in fact you will relish it.   Ice cream is what draws most people here, but the food on the menu is hot, generous, and delicious.  Kudos to the chef here! Two kids wanted to share a Brownie a La Mode $6.49 and my husband had the Banana Split $8.49 and I tackled the No Way Jose Sundae$8.49. The No Way Jose is a peanut butter and hot fudge over chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate morsels, whipped cream and a cherry.  It was phenomenal! It was served in a large glass goblet.  The flavor of the chocolate ice cream was enough of a treat, but mixed with vanilla ice cream and all those toppings was spectacular.  The desserts were delivered with the ice cream still solid and the hot toppings hot, perfectly done.  The Classic Banana Split consists of a ripe banana, three scoops of ice cream: chocolate, strawberry(with pieces of strawberry in it), and vanilla, topped with pineapple, strawberry, and marshmallow toppings and then added hot fudge, caramel, toasted almonds, whipped cream and a cherry.

My husband commented on how enjoyable the flavors of the ice creams were by themselves and the toppings were great too. He said the dish could actually be shared by two people, and I have to agree that fits the No Way Jose Sundae too.  The girls Brownie a la Mode is a gooey, chewy brownie covered with vanilla ice cream topped with a thick layer of hot fudge, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry.  They said the brownie was indeed moist and chewy and the ice cream was perfectly paired with it.  There was too much hot fudge poured over top and running over the ice cream and brownie for them to eat it all.  They really enjoyed this dessert.  The table next to us, with six people, ordered the Kitchen Sink $28.99. This consists of 8 scoops of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and mint chocolate chip covered with every topping they have and two cans of whipped cream then topped with pieces of brownie, cookies, and cake.  This is a very large dessert that is served in a metal bowl reminiscent of a sink. Beaches & Cream has Old Fashioned Sundaes, Milky Way Sundae, Fudge Mud Slide, milkshakes, pie, strawberry shortcake, and an amazing looking seven-layer chocolate cake, of course served a la mode. They accept some Disney Dining Plans and Tables in Wonderland discount only.

Boatwright’s, Port Orleans Riverside resort-Sweet Potato Bread Pudding served with Dulce de leche ice cream and Fosters sauce $5.49; Bananas Foster Angel Food Cake served with Vanilla Bean Ice cream $7.49.

Citricos, Grand Floridian resortWarm Chocolate-Banana Torte: vanilla ice cream and handcrafted Belgium chocolate Crown $11.00

Kona Café, Polynesian resort-some dining plans accepted. Kona Kone $5.99, ice cream in a waffle cone served in a cone holder surrounded by a cotton candy cloud, Kona Sundae.

The Fountain Sweet Treats, Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel-Shakes and Malts $5.95; Nutty Chocolate Covered Banana Shake-banana walnut ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, walnuts, drizzled with chocolate sauce $6.50; PB&J shake $6.50; Strawberry Kookies-strawberry ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate milk, whipped cream, Oreo crumbles $7.50, (house vodka can be added for over 21 crowd $9.75; Peppermint Shake, $6.50; Coco Loco Shake $6.50; Soft serve split $8.50; Create your own sundae $6.00; Blastin’ Brownie Sundae $8.50; Caramel Apple Sundae $8.50; Fountain Funnel-your choice of seven ice cream flavors, choice of three sauces, three toppings, whipped cream and cherry for $23.55; Hand-scooped flavors: Strawberry, Minty Chip, Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Caramel Cappuccino, Rocky Road, Cheesecake, Banana Walnut; Cones $4.-$5.00; Waffle cones $4.25/$5.25;

Gurgling Suitcase at Old Key West resort-Banana Bread Pudding Sundae is served warm with Bananas Foster topping and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for $6.49.

Olivia’s Café, Old Key West Resort, has a Banana Bread Pudding Sundae served warm with Banana’s Foster topping and vanilla bean ice cream, $6.49.

Maya Grill, Coronado Springs resort, serves Fried Ice Cream for $7.95.

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Many of the food courts have soft-serve ice cream but Intermission Food Court at All Star Music Resort has hand dipped ice cream, single scoop $3.59 in sugar cone/cup; single scoop in waffle cone $3.99; Double scoop sugar cone/cup $4.29-in waffle cone $4.99; ice cream cookie sandwich $5.29; Brownie Sundae $6.19; Ice Cream Sundae $5.59.

Jiko the Cooking Place, Animal Kingdom Lodge-some dining plans available, some discounts available;-some of the most unusual ice cream offerings here: Lemon-Mealie Koeksister is roasted stone fruit and olive oil ice cream;  Chocolate and Tea: Vanilla Rooibos-Tanzanian Chocolate Cake, free form “kit-Kat” and Green Tea Ice Cream.

Port Orleans’s Riverside resort food court Riverside Mill has a large number of baked goods that would be great a la mode, and also an ice cream sundae $4.99, milkshakes $4.49, Hand-dipped single scoop $3.59 and double scoop for $4.29.

Trail’s End Restaurant, Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground-this is a buffet-style restaurant at dinner that offers fruit cobblers and soft serve ice cream. However, for lunch they have a distinctly different dessert option in the Warm Sticky Bun Sundae which is a warm Pecan Sticky Bun layered with Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce, and Whipped Cream served in a jar for $4.99.

Turf Club Bar & Grill, Saratoga Springs resort and spa: this race horse themed restaurant offers Warm Seasonal Fruit Crisp with streusel topping and vanilla ice cream for $7.49; Chocolate Espresso Torte with Raspberry Sauce and Vanilla-Port Wine Ice Cream and ice cream sundaes for kids.

The Wave Restaurant of American Flavors, Contemporary Resort, Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors Trio $8.49, Fall and Winter flavors are Pistachio with Florentine, White Chocolate Berry Swirl, and Chocolate Mint Chip.

World Premiere Food Court, All Star Movies resort, has Milkshakes $4.49, Single/Double Scoop Waffle Cone $3.99/$4.99, single or double scoop cone or cup $3.59/$4.29; Brownie Sundae $6.19; Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $5.29; Strawberry Sundae $5.59; Ice Cream Sundae $5.59.

Ice Cream/Treat Carts found throughout the Parks Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar $3.75; Mickey’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich $3.75;  Haagen-Dazs Vanilla and Almond Ice Cream Bar $4.00; Dibs $4.00;

Ice Cream topped Funnel Cakes: American Adventure in Epcot Funnel cake with ice cream $9.00, Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom, Funnel Cake cart at Boardwalk resort, Oasis Canteen near Indiana Jones in Hollywood Studios $6.99 soft-serve ice cream, $6.29 soft-serve ice cream and strawberry topping on funnel cake, Funnel Cakes at Blizzard Beach with ice cream $9.00; Fried Ice Cream $5.50

What about Gelato? I did not include Gelato in my Ice Cream Crawl for a couple reasons. 1-the makeup of Gelato is different from ice cream: Gelato is made with milk, much less fat than ice cream, it is not whipped like ice cream is, and Gelato has fewer eggs (maybe none) compared to ice cream, and Gelato is served at a higher temperature than ice cream. 2-I feel it deserves a separate crawl of its own.  But let me share some information about it with you here. Some people feel that gelato has a more intense flavor than ice cream but it is really because the fat in the ice cream layers the tongue and the flavors don’t all reach the taste buds, since gelato has less fat the flavors are able to make more direct contact with the taste buds.  Citricos, Grand Floridian offers Gelato flavors: Vanilla Bean, Cappuccino, and Raspberry ($9.00). Kona Café at the Polynesian offers a Warm Apple Tart served with Cinnamon Gelato and Bacon-Macadamia Nut Brittle $5.49.

Kouzzina by Cat Cora, Boardwalk resort, serves up Baklava with Vanilla Praline Gelato for $9.49. Mama Melrose, Hollywood Studios, has three flavors of Gelato: $5.49, Chocolate, Vanilla or Spumoni. Narcoosee’s, Grand Floridian: Chocolate, Pistachio, vanilla, raspberry, Cappuccino $8.00; Portobello, Downtown Disney, has authentic Italian Gelato $5.95 ask waiter for flavors of the day; Fantasia di Meringata $6.96: Gelato and sorbet with Italian Meringue; Cappuccino Gelato $6.95: our very own chocolate coffee ice cream. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Town Square of Magic Kingdom has Gelato $4.99 Italian style chocolate or vanilla. Italy Gelato Stand 2 scoops cup $5.95/cone $6.25; Special Gelato combinations: Gelato Sandwich-any gelato flavor sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies $6.75; Coppa Del Nonno-Fior di Latte, Chocolate, Cookies and cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and amaretto cookies $9.75; Coppa Amicizia-Cookies and cream, strawberry, fior di latte, mango sauce, whipped cream, whole raspberries $9.75; Coppa Delizia-strawberry, fior di latte, cookies and cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, whole strawberries $9.75; Espresso Gelato Affogato-espresso poured over fior di latte gelato, topped with chocolate coffee beans $9.75.

Please share with us what your favorite Ice Cream location is at Walt Disney World, and why you like it so much.

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