Guests Report Massive Floods Near Universal Studios Theme Park

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From Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando Resort, to the other theme parks that call Central Florida home, a hurricane is just another Tuesday. It’s something that just comes with the territory, literally.

While the frequent hurricanes are one of the biggest downsides to life in Central Florida, locals and theme park operations alike have learned how to adapt and prepare for such a force of nature.

On the other side of the country, however….not so much.

Universal Orlando Resort

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The West Coast Is Ill-Prepared For a Storm Like This

On the West Coast, the locals, the infrastructure, and the theme parks are woefully unprepared for a tropical storm, let alone a hurricane. After all, the West Coast is much more prone to earthquakes than hurricanes.

That’s why Hurricane Hilary has been such a concern in these past few days.

First named Tropical Storm Hilary, Hurricane Hilary rapidly intensified and quickly evolved into a Category 4 hurricane. Luckily, the system weakened again, turning back into a tropical storm before it finally made landfall.

But that doesn’t mean the results of this storm weren’t devastating.

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Hurricane Hilary, Tropical Storm Hilary – What’s In a Name?

The National Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm warning for the first time ever in Southern California, warning of “catastrophic and life-threatening flooding.

While Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort stayed mostly dry this weekend (it’s Florida, what can you expect?), California witnessed the landfall of the storm, which caused flash floods across multiple interstates, highways, and residential areas.

But the flooding also affected nearby theme park areas as well.

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One local caught footage of the streets in L.A. near Universal Studios Hollywood totally flooding, something unusual for Southern California.

While Universal Studios is known for its movie magic, this was no movie.

That being said, at the time of this article’s publication, Universal Studios Hollywood is back to normal operations as the storm travels inland.

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