Huh?! Disney Becomes a Laughingstock After Massive Merchandise FAIL!

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Really, Disney?

Ahsoka Tano, a character that originated from the beloved Star Wars animated series Clone Wars, has become a fan-favorite and an integral part of the Star Wars universe. With her strong character development, intriguing storylines, and daring adventures, Ahsoka has captivated the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans around the globe.

After more than a decade of being a central character in the Star Wars universe, she has become incredibly iconic. However, this isn’t stopping Disney from messing up her name.

ahsoka star wars series disney plus rosario dawson lightsabers jedi new poster new trailer

Credit: Lucasfilm

Ahsoka Getting Her Moment in the Lime-Light

Right now, Star Wars fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming limited series Ahsokawhich will premiere on Disney+. The series comes from the minds of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, and it is a spinoff of the wildly popular series The Mandalorian. Fans are thrilled to learn more about this timeframe through the lens of such a captivating character.

The show is set to star Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano. Dawson excelled in the role during The Mandalorian, and fans are thrilled to see her return to the role. The Lucasfilm series will premiere on August 23rd, 2023, and conclude on October 4th, 2023, after eight episodes.

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ahsoka star wars series disney plus rosario dawson lightsabers jedi new poster new trailer

Credit: Lucasfilm

Fans Are Shaking Their Heads Over This Lightsaber Mistake

To celebrate the upcoming Ahsoka series, shopDisney has released an incredible Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber toy set. The description for this item says;

“Now you can imagine yourself as the Force-sensitive Togruta Ahsoka Tano when wielding this pair of Lightsabers. Featuring her distinctive white blades, this set includes detachable hilts which can be attached to your belt with the included clips. Attach the hilts to activate the light-up blades, motion-sensor sounds, plus battle-clash rumble and dueling Lightsaber effects that bring the eternal struggle to life!”

While this toy sounds incredibly awesome, fans were left shaking their heads due to a major error on the website. Reddit user and Star Wars fan  u/CarolDaversFangurl pointed out that Disney’s original posting of the toy misspelled Ahsoka’s name. Instead, the listing was for Ashoka Tano. 

Fans sounded off under the Reddit post, commiserating on how lame this was of Disney. The caption reads;

“Anyone looking forward to watching “Ashoka”? Going to be hard to flog merch if the actual Disney Store looks like a cheap knockoff website.”

You would think that Disney would at least try to spell her name correctly
by inStarWars

Now, the Lightsaber has been fixed and is up on the website as normal. What a silly mistake on Disney’s end!

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