Guests Still Reporting Unethical Use of Lightning Lane Scheduling by Disney World

Guests Still Reporting Unethical Use of Lightning Lane Scheduling by Disney World
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The days of fast pass at Walt Disney World are long gone. In an effort to monitor usage and promote fairness as new attractions such as Rise of the Resistance and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind make their way to Walt Disney World, Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes were introduced through the My Disney Experience App.

Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane

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Genie+, a paid service, offers guests a tailored look at their day based on preselections made when setting up the program. The app will notify users of popular rides, as well as open Lightning Lane times that they can select and even stack, as some YouTube personalities call it.

Also, guests can outright purchase a few large E-ticket attraction times, like Tron Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom, for an additional fee. Upon its introduction, many Disney World guests cited the constant need to be on their phones as a downside of Genie+.

Another Issue with Individual Lightning Lane

Individual Lightning Lane is an excellent way for Walt Disney World to help manage the large crowds that infest their parks daily. Disney is able to move guests using Genie+ from one park land to another, as well as open up individual lightning lane selections throughout the day.

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Outside of virtual queues, Individual Lightning Lane gives Disney a lot of power, but many guests claim that the paid service is being used unethically.

Crowd Issues at Disney World

Individual Lightning Lanes are incredibly competitive. It isn’t uncommon for popular attractions to lose their slot very early in the day. As many vy for virtual queues early in the morning and afternoon to no avail, purchasing Individual Lightning Lane is their only shot at riding must-do attractions without waiting for hours.

disney-lightning-lane-increase disney adults

As yes, sometimes the waits for rides like Avatar: Flight of Passage can reach multiple hours. For this reason, it’s also common for time slots for lightning lanes included with Genie+ to fill up quickly.

This issue is primarily due to the popularity of Walt Disney World. Despite claims of low park attendance, visiting Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom quickly proves that crowd levels are still at high capacity, creating a great demand for lightning lanes.

Is Disney Stacking Lightning Lane?

I’ve noticed a problem at Walt Disney World, in several different attractions, but most recently at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, is hundreds of guests arriving to claim their lightning lane simultaneously.

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Typically, this doubles the wait time. Sadly, I’ve waited in Lightning Lane lines for over 50 minutes without the attraction malfunctioning. Arriving with hundreds of other guests has happened at several attractions, including Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Smuggler’s Run at Galaxy’s Edge.

Guest Report More Issues with Over-Issuing Lightning Lane

With an abundance of popular attractions like Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Slinky Dog Dash, and Expedition Everest, allowing Lightning Lane selections has become a necessity at Walt Disney World.

Slinky Dog Dash Rollercoaster

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However, it’s starting to feel as if the system is being overbooked, possibly allowing too many selections at the same time, and beyond my own observations, other guests are reporting the same issue.

On Reddit, user @u/runMiked noted that their latest trip experience using Genie+ led to several longer-than-normal waits after making their Lightning Lane selections. 

Genie + has ruined regular touring of the parks
byu/Runmiked inWaltDisneyWorld

The user went on to explain that although they are Annual Passholders, they decided to purchase Genie+. Still, after a long day of extended waits when hundreds of guests showed up at the same time to enter the Lightning Lane queue, they have vowed never to purchase the system again.

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Citing issues with Soarin’ at EPCOT and Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, some waits almost doubled their posted times on the My Disney Experience app; the user noted what many have stated regarding Disney potentially over-selling Lightning Lane selections.

Is There a Fix?

What can be done to stop the influx of guests to the Lightning Lane lines at Walt Disney World? The quickest solution would not be a popular one. Disney, if it deemed it necessary, could remove some selections from Genie+ service and move them back to Individual Lightning Lane.

Slinky Dog Dash, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Avatar Flight of Passage would all work as Individual Lightning Lanes. Of course, this would be an incredibly unpopular move by Disney World.

avatar flight of passage

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Of course, the other option, which remains highly unpopular, would be to increase the cost of Disney Genie and Individual Lightning Lanes. Although they are already on a sliding scale dictated by demand on a daily basis, an overall increase could help make their Lightning Lanes feel, well, like lightning.

Guests Satisfaction with Lightning Lanes Remains Low

The concept of Lightning Lanes is similar to the old-school Fast Pass system, except that you now have to pay for it. Individual Lightning Lanes work more like Disney’s much older ticket system, which derived the terminology for “E-ticket.”

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Guests to Walt Disney World still note difficulty with the Disney Genie system, citing confusion, difficulty, and inconvenience among problems they associate with the app. Although Disney World is taking a step, utilizing new technology to maximize guest experience, many feel the perceived move forward is actually a step in the wrong direction.

Do you think Lightning Lanes work well? 

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks if they had just started charging for Fastpass… Disney would have been happy for the extra income and guests would have had a system that worked and that for the most part guests liked?
    I would have been happy paying for Fastpass or fastpass+ if we could pay for the whole trip ahead of time… make our selections ahead of time… and then add after we used our 3. we would not have to be glued to our phones and so on. And since guests got to pick the fastpasses ahead of time it did give Disney some clue as to which park guests are going to so they could adjust fastpass availability by how many had already been purchased and so forth.
    Just seems like they took a system that was working and that they could have just begun charging for if that’s what they needed and we would have a system that works. Just saying…

  2. This has been a problem for a long time now. If the park is at a 7 or higher, using Touring Plans attendance tracking, (better estimates for attendance and attractions wait times than Disney’s) you can expect ILLs and Genie+ to be overbooked and take as long or even longer than standby. Especially in MK and DHS. Your milage may vary some with EPCOT and DAK. It’s always feels like it’s packed in the parks as Disney is adjusting staffing based on the predicted guest load from park reservations and the Genie+ purchases.