Guests’ Presence at Disney Parks is Being Watched Very Closely, and Here’s the Proof

disneyland hong kong castle 100 millionth guest
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For guests who’ve ever wondered whether their presence is noted and being accounted for by Disney Parks employees, we have the answer–and it comes straight from the Disney Parks.

hong kong disneyland castle of magical dreams

Credit: Disney Parks

The Walt Disney Company owns multiple theme park resorts across the globe. Disney’s domestic parks include the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida and Disneyland Resort in Southern California. Outside the United States, Disney owns Disneyland Paris, located in Chessy, France, as well as Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Resort.

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Millions and millions of fans visit Disney’s theme parks annually, with the Walt Disney World Resort taking home the prize for highest annual attendance among the parks.

Guests visit for different reasons, and their favorite attractions vary from person to person and from park to park. But one thing that seems to be true among a large group of Disney Parks fans is their questions about just how much they are counted, watched, and “followed,” even if digitally, while they enjoy the parks.

Now we have an answer–or at least part of that answer!

On Saturday, Disney’s Hong Kong Disneyland Park welcomed its 100 millionth guest through the gates, and it was the cause of a massive celebration.

Just as Disney’s World of Frozen is openingHong Kong Disneyland Park has welcomed its 100 millionth guest, proving once and for all that Disney is definitely watching and counting guests as they come through the gates. It took Hong Kong Disneyland just over 18 years to garner a total of 100 million visitors in the park, and a huge celebration was held in honor of the family that marked that milestone–the Chen Family.

The Chen family with Michael Moriarty, Managing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, during a surprise moment when they were named the 100 millionth guest at Hong Kong Disneyland

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

When the Chen family arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland Park, they had no idea they’d be parking Disney Parks history!

The Chen family, the 100 Millionth Guest at Hong Kong Disneyland, in World of Frozen

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Per Disney Parks Blog:

A special surprise moment took place in front of the Castle of Magical Dreams, which was recently renovated in 2020. The Chen family was presented with a certificate and gift hamper by Michael Moriarty, Managing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck also joined in on the fun dressed in their Christmas looks, adding a touch of festive fun! 

Can you guess what the Chen family did next? They went to World of Frozen, of course! It was their first time experiencing the attractions in the kingdom of Arendelle.

The Chen family, the 100 Millionth Guest at Hong Kong Disneyland, in World of Frozen

The Chen Family at Hong Kong Disneyland Park/Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The event was even more magical as the Chen family said they were visiting Hong Kong Disneyland Park in celebration of their mother’s birthday. How’s that for a magical day?

At the end of their already over-the-top day, the Chen family finished with a celebratory feast attended by beloved Disney characters at Enchanted Garden Restaurant located at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. The Chens had lots of fun as they enjoyed a meal together and posed for pictures with Disney characters as part of the character experience dinner.

hong kong disneyland hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel/Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

Congratulations to the Chen Family on their awesome achievement! And congratulations to Hong Kong Disneyland Park, having welcomed 100 million guests since it first opened on September 12, 2005, as the very first theme park in China!

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