Guests Caught Entering Restricted Universal Park Area Over and Over Again

Universal Studios Hollywood recently unveiled its latest addition to its theme park arsenal: Super Nintendo World. 

super nintendo world

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

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Super Nintendo World, based on the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, is a Nintendo fan’s dream. 

The Nintendo land features tons of delightful references to the video game franchise, including new and exciting things for Guests to do. 

super nintendo world

Credit: Super Nintendo World

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For example, Guests can meet Luigi, Princess Peach, and Mario himself in this new Nintendo land. Guests can also grab a bite to eat at the Toadstool Cafe, and play interactive games (known as a ‘Key Challenge’) with the use of their Power-Up Bands. These games include the Koopa Troopa POWer Punch, the Piranha Plant Nap Mishap, and more. 

Credit: Universal

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But the most exciting thing to experience is a new attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. On this Mario Kart ride, each Guest is transported into the world of the Super Mario Bros., collecting digital coins and competing for the Golden Cup. 

Not only is this attraction revolutionary, but in modern Universal Studios fashion, the queue is incredibly detailed, taking Guests throughout Bowser’s legendary castle. 

However, some Guests are taking advantage of this queue and treating it as a game. 


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In this video, we can see multiple Guests making their way through the fence to sit in Bowser’s chair. 

While it may seem harmless, it’s important to note that Universal Studios’s designers and engineers have put the fence up for a reason. 

It’s very likely that Bowser’s throne hasn’t been designed for hundreds of Guests to sit down in, and the queue can easily become damaged if Guests continue to do this.  

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