Fan-Favorite Ride at Universal Shortened, Missing Elements, & the Experience is Completely Different

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Major changes have taken place at one of Universal Studios Orlando’s most popular attractions, leaving fans to wonder about the future of the ride.

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Universal Orlando is known for its thrilling and immersive attractions, but one that stands out above the rest is the E.T. Adventure ride. Since it opened in 1990, it has been a favorite experience among guests visiting Universal Studios Orlando Resort. The exciting indoor dark ride takes visitors on a journey through the world of the beloved alien character from the hit 1982 film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

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Guests board bicycles and travel through the forest and neighborhoods of California, eventually soaring through the sky with E.T. on a magical adventure to his home planet. The ride features amazing animatronic figures of E.T., stunning sets, and special effects, like E.T.’s glowing heart and amazing views of Earth from outer space. But the fan-favorite attraction has had major changes implemented this week.

“Massive changes have taken place at ET Adventure,” reads a tweet from Orlando Amusement. “The main ‘entrance is gone, and guests are now being rerouted to the attraction through the pre-show room. The exit shop has closed, and the rides pre-show has been cut.”

According to Orlando Amusement, the main entrance to the attraction is now gone. Guests are being rerouted before they approach the loading zone of the ride, and the pre-attraction entertainment is gone. Also, the merchandise shop located near the offloading area of the attraction has disappeared as well.

Over the ride’s 33-year tenure at Universal Studios Orlando, the attraction has not been without controversy and troubles–and not because the ride itself is controversial.
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In 2019, a mother and son from Brazil visited Universal Studios Orlando Resort, and during their visit, they boarded a ride vehicle at the E.T. Adventure attraction. But according to the mother, Roberta Perez, what should have been an exciting experience turned to a terrifying one as her son’s foot was crushed. Perez initiated legal action against Universal, alleging “unsafe ride conditions.” Her son, Tiago, got his foot stuck between the flying bicycle ride vehicles at the attraction and the offloading area at the end of the ride.

A report on the alleged injury further noted that the young boy “broke several bones in his toes, foot, and leg in a bloody scene,” per the family’s attorney Ed Normand. “His mother and lawyers say it left Tiago with permanent injuries that required orthopedic surgery and caused him to be held back a grade in school.”

The suit has since been settled.

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