Guests Agree: Insanely Popular Ride is Overrated

Flight of Passage
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Disney World is home to some spectacular rides. From classics to new editions there’s much to love. However, you’ll always have someone that thinks your favorite is terrible, trust me I should know, my favorites are Mission Space and “it’s a small world!” Recently a group of people on Reddit came together and agreed that Flight of Passage is grossly overrated. Are they right?

Avatar Flight of Passage

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Flight of Passage is one of the newer rides at Walt Disney World (though it opened in 2017 so we wouldn’t exactly call it Silvano! It opened with Pandora: The World of Avatar, a themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that transported guests off of planet Earth and onto Pandora, the planet featured in the Avatar movies.

When it opened it was a first-class experience and riders were blown away. Despite being “a screen ride” fans truly felt they were on the back of an Ikran/Banshee flying around Pandora. It’s an unforgettable experience for many but for others? Entirely forgettable.

Flight of Passage

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We were surprised to see so many people who don’t get the hype. Especially since lines for the attraction stretch 60 minutes or more on a regular basis. However, some interesting points were brought up.

The original poster, u/chipster said, “I was just wondering, I’ve been on Flight of Passage twice and both times I wasn’t  huge fan. I honestly think it’s one of the more overrated rides. Does anyone else think the same or is it just me?” He quickly discovered it was not just him.

Flight of Passage

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User u/workoutdrinkmore not only find ms it over rated, they’d rather sit at a table and wait while their friends ride than experience the attraction.

Overrated Disney ride

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Again, some harsh criticism.  This user said they’ve avoided the ride even in an empty park with no wait!

Flight of Passage is overrated

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Many echoed this users thoughts: its not a bad ride, it’s just not a great one on their opinion. There was so much hype about it when it opened that it left many riders feeling similar to u/grillschzntomatosoup, “This is it?”

Flight of Passage

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User u/wickedlies felt the ride grew on them with subsequent ridings but overall was left underwhelmed. That sentiment was echoed many times throughout the thread. Another popular complaint is that the line is always too long for the ride to be worth it.

Overrated rides

Crsdit: Reddit

This user felt the ride was incredible when it first opened but that it aged more quickly than other attractions.  It’s true that the screen, which used to be crystal clear is now blurry. Some users pointed out that it’s not the screen itself but then3D glasses being scratched and the solvent used to clean them that is causing the blur.

Others, of course, disagreed. One user very strongly disagreed:

Flight of Passage

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User u/rynep thinks Flight of Passage is the GOAT (Greatest of all time) but very diplomatically differed to differing opinions.

Flight of Passage

No matter your thoughts on the ride, it still remains one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World. Lightning Lanes almost always sell out and the stand by line is an hour or more. While waitntimes are only an indication of how many ride it and not how many liked it, if the ride were terrible, people wouldn’t flock to it. Different opinions though are always going to occur over something as subjective as ride preference.  Do you agree? Head over to Facebook and let us know your thoughts.

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