Guest Treated to a Magical Experience with Mirabel After “Picking Her Up From MCO”

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Credit: Disney

We all known that Mirabel is a character from the Disney animated film Encanto (2021), set in the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. In this enchanting story, Mirabel Madrigal is a member of the Madrigal family, who possess extraordinary magical gifts. However, unlike her siblings and other family members, Mirabel does not have a unique gift.

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Disney’s “Encanto” (2021)/Credit: Walt Disney Animation

Despite not having a special power, Mirabel’s determination and resourcefulness make her an integral part of the family. She embarks on quests and adventures to uncover the secrets of their magical home, Casa Madrigal, and to protect her loved ones.

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Mirabel’s journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley takes her to various locations within the magical world, including the mesmerizing Magic Kingdom and the vibrant Animal Kingdom. Each place is filled with wonders and surprises, immersing visitors in a truly enchanting experience.

One of the highlights of Mirabel’s story is her strong bond with her family, particularly her abuela Alma and her cousin, Rosa Diaz. Together, they navigate the challenges and uncover the truth behind the magic that binds their family.

Encanto's Mirabel

Credit: Disney

Mirabel’s character resonates with audiences as she represents the idea that one’s worth does not solely depend on their magical abilities. She teaches us that everyone has their unique strengths and that the power of love and family surpasses any limitations.

As a fan of Disney World, experiencing the magic of Mirabel’s story is an incredible treat. The theme parks go above and beyond to create immersive experiences that transport visitors into the world of Encanto. From meet-and-greet opportunities with Mirabel and other characters to themed attractions and live performances, Disney World brings the magic to life.

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Don’t miss the chance to explore the enchanting world of Mirabel Madrigal and the Madrigal family at Disney World. Immerse yourself in the captivating story of Encanto and discover the power of family and love.

As Disney adds characters from the popular 2021 film to their parks at Walt Disney World, guests to Magic Kingdom can now meet Mirabel at the flagship park. They can also experience magical moments alongside Mirabel using Disney’s Photopass Lens.

disney world photopass lens mirabel

Credit: Disney World

According to the Walt Disney World website, “Disney PhotoPass Service is offering a whole new way to capture the magic of Walt Disney World Resort right from your mobile device. Explore a special collection of Lenses featuring some of your favorite Disney characters and Disney Parks icons. Located in the My Disney Experience app, Disney PhotoPass Lenses are available to Guests who purchase Disney Genie+ service. Annual Passholders also have access to Disney PhotoPass Lenses through the My Disney Experience app. This offering is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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Disney Photopass Lens offers a fun, technologically advanced, and interactive way to enjoy some of your favoirte Disney characters. Not only are they neat, they’re also adorable, and make for great magicl moments, as illustrated by X user @theleisureprof:

Noted as “picking this lady up from MCO,” the user posted a fun video of the successful use of Disney Photopass Lens to bring Mirabel along for the ride with him. As many Uber drivers work around the Walt Disney World Resort area, harboring passengers from MCO (Orlando’s airport) to the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” they often look for ways to set themselves apart, and this is a great use of the app-based technology that is fun and would create adorable memories for little ones.

The offerings for Disney Photopass Lens are often changing. Including spectacular character interaction with much more than Mirabel. Personally, I adore some of the Star Wars offerings that they’ve had. You can make yourself look like Ahsoka, or just hang out with Grogu (Baby Yoda) while you’re in line for Rise of the Resistance.

As Encanto is all about magic, what’s more magical than capturing your favorite Disney World moments with your favorites characters?

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