Leaving a Cast Compliment Could Result In a Call From the Office of Bob Iger Himself!

If a Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member has ever gone out of their way to make your day extra magical, then you know how much of a difference it makes. For one recent Guest, a magical moment was so impactful that they decided to leave a Cast Compliment.

Little did they know that their input would make its way to the desk of Disney CEO Bob Iger.

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It’s no secret that being a Cast Member at Walt Disney World is a tough job. No matter which position we’re discussing, being a Cast Member at Walt Disney World requires customer service skills to ensure Guests have a magical day, discretion and improv skills to ensure that the illusion is never broken, attention to detail to ensure the Guests are as safe as possible, and so much more.

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In short, it’s an entirely unique position that requires a lot of physical and mental energy. Often, the work begins well before a shift and ends well afterward. That’s why it’s always essential to give Cast Members recognition when you can, especially if someone has truly gone out of their way for you.

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One Guest felt so moved by a Cast Member’s help that they drafted a heartfelt email to Guest Services, expressing how magical the interaction was. The Cast Compliment made its way to Disney CEO Bob Iger, and his office even called the Guest to express their appreciation.

Just got a phone call from Bob Iger’s office about a cast compliment I left from WaltDisneyWorld

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When it comes to leaving Cast Compliments, it’s always best to visit Guest Relations at the Park (or email them afterward) and explain the situation and the impact a Cast Member left.

Cast Compliments can also be left on the Disney World Mobile App, but an anonymous Cast Member has actually pointed out in the past that this is less beneficial for their careers, so it’s best to do so with Guest Relations or Guest Services.

So the next time a Cast Member makes your day, be sure to leave a Cast Compliment. It could lead to you getting a call from Bob Iger’s office!

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