Guest in Viral Video Shows How to Sneak Prohibited Items Into Disney

Guest in Viral Video Show How to Sneak Prohibited Items Into Disney
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This should go without saying, but DON’T DO THIS! Disney’s list of prohibited items exists for a reason, and ALL Disneyland or Walt Disney World Guests should follow the rules!

However, there are always those who want to tempt fate by pushing the limits and attempting to find ways to work around Disney’s security. For whatever reason, some Guests need to ignore the obvious and well-publicized rules that Disney imposes and take matters into their own hands. This attitude is damaging for all those visiting the Parks as Disney’s rules are put in place for good reason. Whether it is to avoid unnecessary injury, keep situations that promote poor outcomes from happening, or simply to ensure that everyone in attendance has a pleasant experience, rules are NOT meant to be broken. Sadly, some think that this does not apply to them and have come up with clever ways to skirt around security when going through the gates and bag check areas at Disney Parks.

prohibited item disneyland

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We’ve recently seen videos of Guests to Walt Disney World sneaking in children in strollers so that they do not have to purchase tickets. Unbelievably, incidents like this happen way too often and sometimes work. The outcomes are rarely good, as they lead to more strenuous security measures for other Guests or, in this particular case, could impact ticket sales in the future. However, children aren’t the only things being smuggled into Disney, another item, which admittedly is an expensive buy in the Parks, is prohibited from being brought inside, but that hasn’t stopped many from trying.

Oga's Cantina sneak in alcohol prohibited item

Non-alcoholic drinks: Carbon Freeze, Oga’s Obsession provision and Cliff Dweller can be found at Oga’s Cantina

Alcohol is now everywhere at Disney. We’ve been pretty vocal about some of the issues at Parks like EPCOT, where “drinking around the world” has become a very popular hobby of visitors. However, although EPCOT has its own issues with alcohol, it isn’t the only Park that serves adult beverages. In fact, all do, including Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. As alcohol is severely limited in some Parks, like Magic Kingdom at Disney World, only being served during table service meals, some Guests have tried to find ways to work around Disney’s strenuous ruling on drinking around some of their Parks. Despite the fact that Disneyland’s website clearly states that alcohol is a strictly prohibited item, this didn’t stop one family from not only sneaking Buzz Balls into the Parks, but posting their decision to break the rules on social media. Video here.

Disneyland Castle prohibited item

Credit: Disney

A video posted to Facebook reels by user _eddiezepeda shows Guests at Disneyland hiding alcoholic beverages in cans of Pringles and Takis while sneaking them through Disney security. Entitled “we lit at Disney,” the video shows the efforts that many will go through to ensure they have alcohol readily available to them within the Parks without paying insane prices. As the video states they are visiting Disneyland, it is important to note that the Park does not allow open containers of alcohol to be carried around. Instead, Guests to Disneyland can enjoy a beverage along with their meals at two different restaurant locations within the Park, Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge or Blue Bayou near Pirates of the Caribbean.


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