Guest Finds Hole In Disturbing Spot In EPCOT Bathroom

EPCOT toilet hole
Credit: Disney / Gissellax TikTok

When on a Walt Disney World vacation, most Guests know that finding a private spot will be incredibly difficult. Between the overwhelming crowds and Disney’s security cameras covering every square inch of the theme parks, there are almost always eyes on you. However, privacy is typically expected when you take a trip to the restroom. One Guest recently visited EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort and found something that made her believe that someone may even be watching women during incredibly private moments.

Spaceship Earth

Credit: Disney

TikToker Gisse (@gissellax) was at EPCOT when she needed to take a restroom break. She went into one of the large stalls and was shocked when she noticed a large hole right by the edge of the toilet. She did not know what caused the hole, but noted that it was big enough for someone to look through. According to Gisse, she immediately went back outside and told her husband, who alerted a Cast Member.

EPCOT toilet hole

Credit: Gissellax TikTok

Before long, there were several Cast Members and maintenance personnel in the area — which is by Spaceship Earth. This made Gisse feel better, as she thought that the issue was being taken seriously and the hole would soon be covered up. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

In a follow-up video, Gisse went back to that same theme park restroom and saw that the hole was still there. She stuffed toilet paper in the hole and then showed the camera her Apple Watch — to confirm the date, showing that it had been a while since the hole was first reported. Gisse said that she and her husband ended up not only calling Disney, but also calling the police. If the hole was made for nefarious reasons, she wanted the issue resolved and the person caught.

EPCOT toilet hole

Credit: Gissellax TikTok

You can watch Gisse’s original video, as well as the follow-up video, below.


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Reply to @gissellax 6 days ago I notice this hole and I did a video, my husband ask for a supervisor to notify, after a few minutes 2 guys show up and started talking with a maintenance guy. We left to enjoy the park with my kids. Today after almost a week the hole still there, no action have being taken. Today we called disney and the police, hopefully they find the pervert.@disneyparks @disney #disneyfail #viral #viralvideo

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Gisse’s videos quickly went viral, with many shocked and disturbed by the bathroom hole. Although it is not known where the hole leads to, it is still something that Guests thought should have been taken care of. Some pointed out that Disney should be especially concerned about the issue since several of its Cast Members were recently arrested in a human trafficking sting.

Cast Member Arrested

Credit: WESH

Recently, Guests have been commenting that Disney Parks seem to be in a decline when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance. Disney Parks used to be known for being spotless, but, since reopening after the pandemic, the Disney experience has not been the same. Disney has brought back thousands of its Cast Members, but it seems that there may still not be enough to take care of all the issues that can arise in the theme parks.

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