Guest Decides to Cool Off Foot In “it’s a small world”

it's a small world foot

Ladies and gentlemen, for your safety while onboard, please keep all hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the boat at all times.

Anyone who has ever ridden a Disney Park attraction knows that this safety message — or something like it — is said before the ride begins. While it may seem obvious, Disney says it to remind people that getting out of their ride vehicle could be dangerous. Unfortunately, not everyone listens and people like to do things they aren’t supposed to, just to see how far they can push the boundaries.


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We also live in a digital age where people will literally do anything for social media glory — including break the rules at Disney. That happened recently when TikToker Davistayl0r visited Disneyland Resort. He rode “it’s a small world” in Disneyland Park and decided to do something that was not only completely against the rules, but also really gross. He removed his socks and shoes and stuck his foot into the water as the boat moved along its track.

Boat on It's A Small World

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While some people found the action funny, many were quick to remind him that his actions could get him booted from the theme park. Disney has security cameras covering nearly every inch of its theme parks, especially the attractions. Some believed that there was a Cast Member watching what happened, and he was lucky if they didn’t have security escort him out. Others reminded Davidtayl0r that, while it may seem innocent, it is in fact dangerous and the ride would be forced to shut down if something had happened to him.


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Unfortunately, things like this are becoming more and more frequent at Disney Parks. People seem to think that the magic they feel in the Parks translates into complete safety. This belief has resulted in people doing things like jumping out of a ride vehicle at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or climbing over fences and down to a restricted area to smoke a cigarette. It’s also not the first time that someone has done something dangerous on this particular ride, with one Disney Guest sticking his arm UNDER the boat.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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Disney has shared that TikTokers like Davistayl0r are making things very difficult for its Cast Members. People love to get attention any way they want to, and it can lead to dangerous situations. Making fun videos while in a Disney Park can be really fun and bring people a lot of joy, but please remember that everyone’s safety is paramount — including yours. It is also important to remember that Cast Members already have a tough job and don’t need you to make it more difficult.

Do you think people that break the rules like this should be kicked out of the Parks?

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