Genie+ No Longer Offered at Disney Theme Park

Disney Genie+
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Another day, another sell-out.

When Disney introduced the Genie+ service, the Parks were changed in a permanent way. The service, which was Disney’s replacement for the previous fast pass system, has become a necessary tool for fans trying to make the most of a Disney theme park day.

Its popularity has been incredibly lucrative for Disney, but it also has caused some problems. In order to keep the Genie+ as a good investment, Disney had to create limits to the number of Guests who could purchase the service.

Today, that limit was surpassed.

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A Sell-Out for Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park has become a popular location for Guests using the Genie+ service. With Genie Plus, Guests can enjoy expedited access to select popular attractions with the Lightning Lane. This means less time spent waiting in long lines and more time enjoying the world-class rides and entertainment that Disneyland Resort has to offer. By utilizing the Lightning Lane, Guests can truly maximize their time in the Parks and make the most of their visit.

The Lightning Lane feature allows Guests to secure their spot in line for popular rides throughout the day, ensuring they don’t miss out on any must-see experiences. By planning ahead and utilizing the Lightning Lane reservations, Guests can avoid disappointment and make the most of their time at Disneyland Resort.

When you are spending hundreds to thousands on a Disney trip, every moment standing in lines can feel like a waste of time. Disney’s Genie Plus service feels like a way to help make every dollar count.

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App Shares Alarming Message

To enhance the convenience factor, Genie Plus also integrates seamlessly with the Disneyland app. Guests can easily manage their Lightning Lane reservations, view real-time attraction wait times, and access personalized itineraries all from their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for physical tickets or paper maps and puts all the essential information right at Guests’ fingertips.

Sometimes, too many fans depend on Genie+, leading to an eventual overflow of the system. Today, October 14, a message on the Disneyland app informed Guests that the 
“Purchase of Disney Genie+ service is no longer offered.” 

News that the Genie+ service has sold out has surprised some fans. After all, Disneyland Resort has not seen nearly as many sell-outs as Walt Disney World Resort has. However, right now is Disneyland Resort’s Halloween season, which year after year proves to be incredibly lucrative.

If you are planning on purchasing and using Disney Genie Plus anytime soon, it is recommended that you make your purchase earlier in the day rather than later. With a sell-out happening this early in the Halloween season, it likely won’t be the only one happening in the coming weeks leading up to Halloween. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and be proactive!

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  1. We experienced this on 10/7 when my wife and I made an early afternoon visit to Disneyland. We were very disappointed to say the least

  2. This is nuts. I’m going back to Disneyland in February and I purchased my tickets with genie+ now on the website. If your spending to go , why not add it as you buy tickets. Crazy