First Look At Disney’s New Stage Show Is Pretty Cringe

rogers the musical marvel disneyland stage show captain america cringe
Credit: Disney

Disney fans worldwide burst with excitement whenever Disney Parks announce a brand new offering, especially when it’s the first of its kind. A new Disneyland stage show is about to premiere at Disney California Adventure, and fans finally got a taste with today’s first look. But while the anticipation for Rogers The Musical has been high, the released trailer is actually pretty cringe…

Rogers The Musical is a short live show featuring the biggest superhero characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The musical was first introduced as a tongue-in-cheek joke in the Disney+ series Hawkeye, as an over-the-top New York Broadway show that trivialized the life of Captain America. Fans were happily surprised to be in on the joke and see Marvel laugh at itself.

rogers the musical disneyland california adventure stage show marvel captain america

Credit: Disney

When Disneyland Resort announced it would bring the show to its Hyperion Theater this summer, fans were thrilled – expecting more of the same witty, satirical content. However, the first look at Rogers The Musical left a lot to be desired. Steve Rogers is joined by other Marvel characters in this “musical spectacular,” but doesn’t seem to pack the same punch seen on the Hawkeye stage.

‘Save the City’ is the big number that hooked fans in the Disney+ series, but that’s the best part of the trailer. While the cast is unarguably talented, most of the other clips are either lackluster or are comedically way too on the nose. I’m down with the idea that Nick Fury is this master belter, but something about the direction feels forced rather than satirical.

nick fury rogers the musical sparkly eye patch disneyland musical

Credit: Disney

It seems like the Disney Park version is just trying too hard. One great example of this is Nicky Fury‘s sequined eye patch. It seems like a choice meant to be overtly funny, which therefore makes it kind of cringe. Sometimes things can just be too silly…it’s a fine line.

Rogers The Musical starts shows tomorrow at Disney California Adventure Park. Some highlights include Steve Rogers’ super-soldier transformation into Captain America and surprise musical inclusions such as the “Imperial March” from Star Wars. Check out the trailer below!

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