ABC News Anchor Gives “Zero F***s” After Being Fired for Affair

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
Credit: Amy Robach, Instagram

Just months into the deadly and devastating COVID-19 pandemic, ABC News launched a new spinoff of Good Morning America, called GMA3: What You Need to Know. The show was hosted by veteran reporters Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes.

Fans were instantly taken by the duo and loved how well they worked together, and the show was a hit. However, in 2022, everything Holmes and Robach had built on GMA3 came crashing down around them in a big way.

Amy Robach TJ Holmes Good Morning America

Credit: ABC

In December 2022, Holmes and Robach were taken off the air when photos of the two of them made headlines. The pair were seen acting affectionately towards each other, even though they were both married to other people. Eventually, Holmes and Robach confirmed they were seeing each other, but said that they did not get together until they were separated from their respective partners.

Just over one month later, the two were fired from the network they called home.

Amy Robach TJ Holmes

Credit: ABC

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It’s been just over one year since Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes lost everything they had worked for, and those were dark times for the two. But things turned around, and they are still in a committed relationship. They are both divorced from their spouses — Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, who are now dating each other as well.

One year after they were suspended from ABC, Holmes and Robach launched their new podcastAmy & TJ, on iHeartRadio. On it, they talked about the tough times they went through right after they were fired. According to Amy Robach, Holmes was so distraught that she was worried he might do something to himself.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes

Credit: Amy Robach, Instagram

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Thankfully, those bad days are behind them, and, on her podcast with Holmes, Robach said that she has learned not to care about the opinions of other people. She shared this with guest Rachel Platten, and talked about how the singer’s music has helped her.

“We know a little bit about walking through some darkness [and] coming through the other side when the worst has happened. And I’ve thought I’ve hit rock bottom before and then I actually hit rock bottom.”

“When you get to a place and it’s hard-earned when you can give zero f–ks, sometimes that’s when you’re at your best.”

TJ Homes and Amy Robach

Credit: ABC

But just because she is in her “zero f***s” phase, does not mean that Robach still isn’t thinking about the news career she left behind. In early May, inTouch exclusively reported Robach was “lobbying hard” to return to ABC. The anonymous source who spoke to inTouch said that Amy thought her return to the air could help stabilize things at the network.

ABC News was recently thrown into chaos when President Kim Godwin announced that she was stepping down. Rumors had been swirling that Disney was not happy with Godwin, and even brought in someone to oversee the job she did. Many speculated that Godwin resigned from her job before she was fired.

Amy Robach TJ Holmes

Credit: ABC

Shortly after news of their affair broke, there was further speculation that the two were planning to walk down the aisle. However, the couple recently said that they do not know if they will exchange vows.

However, Robach has said that she plans to spend the rest of her life with Holmes. She even used Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn as an example. The actors have been together for forty years, but never officially got married.

GMA3: What You Need to Know is currently hosted by Jennifer Ashton, DeMarco Morgan, and Eva Pilgrim.

Would you like to see Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes return to television? Let us know in the comments!

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