Film CANCELLED: Another Actor Gets the ‘Johnny Depp Treatment’ From Disney

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In the world of Hollywood, it is hard to climb your way to the top. Even more difficult, however, is staying there.

Over the years, fans have witnessed the rise and fall of many famous celebrities. When a true scandal arises for an actor or a star, it can be shocking to see them go from mega-famous to barred from Hollywood. Perhaps one of the most iconic examples of this was with actor Johnny Depp.

After being accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Depp was practically ousted by Hollywood as a whole. Even Walt Disney Studios, who had banked billions off of Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, turned their backs on Depp as a result of these allegations. Now, it seems that another prominent Disney star is facing the same treatment.

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Disney Removes Upcoming Film From Catalogue

When Jonathan Majors’ was arrested earlier this year, fans of Marvel were horrified and concerned about the future of the franchise. Majors currently portrays Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, a part that is essential to several films already down in the pipeline. However, Disney’s latest announcement proves that they aren’t unwilling to cancel his films after all.

Jonathan Majors’ assault allegations have had a significant impact on his professional career. In a surprising turn of events, Disney has made the decision to scrap Majors’ upcoming film Magazine Dreams from its catalog, sealing Majors’ fate in a less than positive way.

The arrest and subsequent assault allegations have caused reverberations throughout the entertainment industry, prompting Disney to take a decisive step in distancing itself from the project and the actor. This move by the media giant reflects the severe nature of the allegations and serves as a reminder that no one is immune to the consequences of their actions, regardless of their standing in the industry.

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‘Magazine Dreams’ Lost to Time

Magazine Dreams, which was set to be a significant addition to Disney’s expansive catalog, now finds itself shelved for the time being. The film, which was poised to showcase Jonathan Majors’ undeniable talent and further solidify his status as a rising star, has been removed entirely from the company’s lineup as of yesterday. This unexpected development leaves fans and industry insiders speculating about the potential long-term effects on both Majors’ career and the film itself.

Magazine Dreams was going to be a film about an amateur bodybuilder. The film, which was directed by Elijah Bynum and also starred Haley Bennett, was supposed to be released on December 8. Now, the film has been removed from the release calendar altogether.

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It is worth noting that the decision to scrap Magazine Dreams does not imply guilt on the part of Jonathan Majors. As the legal proceedings on the alleged domestic dispute unfold in the next month, much more will be revealed about this situation. At this time, it will be up to the law and the New York City police department to determine the true fate of actor Jonathan Majors. However, Disney’s actions highlight the company’s commitment to maintaining a reputation of integrity and responsibility, as well as its zero-tolerance policy towards any form of alleged misconduct.

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