VIDEO: Disgraced Marvel Actor Breaks Up Vicious Brawl

actor jonathan majors breaks up fight marvel studios assualt charges new york city high school fight hollywood high school west hollywood
Credit: Marvel Studios

Controversial and currently disgraced actor Jonathan Majors has been making headlines for months ever since domestic violence and battery allegations came out against him. The Marvel Studios actor was arrested on assault charges in New York City in March after a dispute that left a woman with minor injuries. Since the allegations, fans have been eager to see if Disney and Marvel Entertainment would distance themselves from the actor, but a recently obtained video by TMZ is now painting Majors as a hero.

Apparently, Jonathan Majors was recorded breaking up a pretty vicious fight between two girls from Hollywood High School while other people simply watched the incident. Instead of inflicting the pain, in this scenario, the Creed III actor worked to prevent further violence. Majors can be seen dressed casually, wearing a dark cap, as he puts himself between the girls.

actor jonathan majors breaks up fight marvel studios assualt charges new york city high school fight hollywood high school west hollywood
Credit: Marvel Studios

According to TMZ, Majors was grabbing lunch across the street at an In-N-Out Burger when he noticed the brawl taking place. After heroically jumping between the girls, Majors reportedly “urged them to calm down” and told them “it isn’t worth it to fight.” The girls aren’t immediately deterred by his intervention and still attempt to lunge at each other.

Apparently, he was ultimately able to calm the fighters down and convince them to move on, though it’s unclear where the Hollywood High School faculty were at the time of the incident. Despite this act of heroism, TMZ reminds readers that he is due back in court this Friday in reference to his New York City assault charge. After following up with him in West Hollywood, Majors allegedly claimed that “he just wanted to make sure those involved didn’t get hurt and hoped the girls were doing okay after what went down.”

The internet joked that Jonathan Majors’ PR team must be rejoicing at this absolutely ironic and unexpected turn of events. X (formerly Twitter) users even implied that the whole incident was staged in order to generate some positive press for the disgraced actor. Though we at Disney Dining cannot confirm or deny the authenticity of the brawl, this author thinks that those fighting girls’ blows look pretty motivated to be fabricated.

What do you think? Real fight and right place, right time for Jonathan Majors? Or fake Hollywood intervention to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe villain look like a real-life hero?

Take a look at the high school fight video shared by TMZ and Pop Base on X to decide for yourself.

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