Father Builds Backyard Replica of DISNEY for Daughters Birthday

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Give this man an award for Father of the Year!

Many young girls and boys dream of having a Disney theme birthday party every year. Whether it be a character or a Disney Parks theme, Disney birthday parties have been popular for decades. Many children wish for their birthday to feel like a real fairytale.

One California-based Dad went above and beyond to make his five-year-old daughter’s Disney Dreams come true. He went ahead and did what many fans believe was nearly impossible; he built a model Cinderella Castle for his daughter’s birthday party!

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Credit: Disney

‘Father of the Year’ Goes Viral for His Stunning Creation

Most children’s birthdays usually consist of store-bought decorations and homemade cakes. For one lucky little girl, her father went above and beyond to make her a genuinely unbeatable birthday present.

The Cinderella Castle is a famous icon from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida, USA. This fairy tale palace is a popular tourist destination and has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The castle is home to many attractions and events, and it is often visited by thousands of people each year.

Sun Sets on Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort florida

Credit: Disney

A Castle Fit for a Princess

A California-based father went above and beyond to create a magical experience for his daughter’s 5th birthday by constructing a replica of the Cinderella Castle in his backyard. His design was based on the original Cinderella Castle from Walt Disney World, complete with the castle’s turrets, battlements, and beautiful arches. The castle was built to scale, and every detail was carefully planned to ensure that the replica was as close to the original as possible. The father even made sure to include the castle’s clock tower adorned with the number 5, which is his daughters age.


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After posting a video of the castle to TikTok, Disney fans went wild over this dad’s dedication to making his kid’s birthday dreams amazing. Now, the family rents the castle for birthday parties near their home in Orange County, California.

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