Like a Thief in the Night: Massive Piece of Cinderella Castle Missing

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Guests arriving at Magic Kingdom Park this week were shocked to discover a huge piece of Cinderella Castle missing, as if it had been taken by a thief in the middle of the night after Guests left for the evening.

It’s a new week, and that means lots of Guests are just kicking off their spring vacations at the Walt Disney World Resort. Regular visitors to the Central Florida parks often celebrate the tradition of visiting a certain park on the first day of all of their trips, and for many, that park is Magic Kingdom.

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No one really knows why, as the reasons for choosing Magic Kingdom as the first-day park are as different as the Guests who walk through the gates of Disney World’s oldest park. Maybe it’s the excitement of the rides inspired by many of Disney’s classic animated films and the nostalgia Guests feel when they board their favorite classic attraction. Perhaps it’s the excitement of Main Street, U. S. A. that beckons Guests from the moment they pass through the tunnels at the Walt Disney World Railroad station.

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And maybe, just maybe, it’s simply the lure of Cinderella Castle herself.

The most iconic structure in all of Disney World’s four theme parks–Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom–has a magic all her own. Though Cinderella Castle has endured several dress-ups and facelifts over her 50+ years, she remains constant, steadfast, and Guests can trust that every time they visit Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle–with her pink towers and brilliantly blue turrets will be there to serve as the backdrop for marriage proposals, family photos, and any number of magical moments in the park.

This week, however, many have noticed something missing, something undeniably different and concerning, at the ever-constant castle. When Guests arrived in the park earlier this week, they noticed a huge piece of the castle missing, and if they didn’t know any better, they might have been sure the missing piece was swiped by a thief–perhaps a self-proclaimed Disney Parks super fan. But alas, such was not the case, though the missing piece is glaringly obvious.


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On Friday, Disney announced the removal of some of the 50th anniversary elements from Cinderella Castle. It was heartbreaking to hear, but Guests look forward to celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary this year. Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration began on October 1, 2021 and was scheduled to last for 18 months. Thus, it concluded on March 31, 2023.

Hello 50: Disney adds celebratory crest to Cinderella Castle

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At this time, Disney hasn’t said all that the company has planned for the 100th anniversary celebration, but if Disney World’s 50th anniversary hoopla is any indication, Disney’s 100th will be spectacular, indeed.

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