Fatal Shooting Outside Disney Resulted in Two Deaths

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This is devastating news to hear.

Every year, millions of Guests travel to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to spend their hard-earned money on a magical vacation. Going to Disney can be a huge financial sacrifice for many families, but the incredible experience Guests get within the Parks makes the cost worth it.

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One of the reasons that Guests love visiting Disney is because of a phenomenon called the “Disney Bubble.” Entering the Disney Bubble means leaving all worries of the outside world behind and fully immersing yourself in the fun and safe atmosphere.¬†Unfortunately, the Disney bubble is just a feeling, not a reality. It is tragic, but Disney Parks are susceptible to the violence and horrors of regular life.

A horrific shooting right outside of Disneyland Park has left Guests feeling more insecure than ever about safety on Disney property.

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Horrific Shooting Outside Disney Park

It seems that every day there is news of a shooting somewhere in the United States. Gun violence has been a main topic of discussion for the past several years due to more and more horrific attacks happening in this country.

Early Sunday at 2:30 a.m., May 21, Anaheim police responded to a shooting outside of Disneyland Park. The incident took place in a parking lot at Anaheim’s GardenWalk shopping district, located at 400 Disney Way. When officers arrived at the scene, officers identified two victims. One was a man, estimated to be in his 30s, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The second victim, a man in his 20s, was rushed to the hospital. He later died from his injuries.

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Two Dead in Anaheim Shooting

This news is truly devastating to hear. To think that such an incident could happen so close to a location with a massive amount of children is especially terrifying. This story is still developing, and as of now, no further details have been released about the shooting. Hopefully, more information will be revealed soon about this tragedy outside Disneyland.

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