Excitement as Bluey Steps Down for New Series

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It was revealed that a new Bluey miniseries is set to premiere between now and the alleged fourth season. However, Bluey herself might be stepping out of the spotlight and giving her friends a chance to shine.

Bluey with a silly face

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Bluey will always be the name on the marquee, but she’s far from the only element that makes the show work. Although the beloved blue heeler has more than her fair share of fans of all ages, many find themselves identifying with some of her friends in other episodes of the show. As a result, the upcoming spinoff is pulling focus to the supporting cast, and fans are surprisingly supportive.

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Inside the Magic has covered various episodes in which Bluey takes more of a supporting role or doesn’t even appear at all. It seems her ever-growing fanbase is also totally on board with the idea of the new project shifting focus to some of the other characters. Perhaps Ludo is tapping into an underfed demographic.

Bluey Rolls Over, Fans Share Why

A cartoon image of Bluey, a blue dog with black ears and a mask, looking surprised while tiptoeing across stepping stones in a creek surrounded by foliage.

Credit: Ludo Studios

A recent post on the r/Bluey subreddit asked the question, “What is your favorite Bluey episode without Bluey as the main focus?” Naturally, hundreds of comments soon flooded the thread, with fans sharing their favorite episodes. However, this could also be interpreted as a push for alternative storylines.

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While the users are quick to add dozens of suggestions for recommended viewing, such as the acclaimed “Sleepytime” episode that put Bingo in the spotlight, there’s also a surprising amount of consistency with the episodes “Army,” “Space,” and “Cricket.” With what we know about the episodes and what the fans have shared, the upcoming miniseries might take a few cues from these non-Bluey adventures.


Jack and Rusty in the episode Army


In this episode, Bluey steps down to allow the friendship between Jack (a neuro-divergent-coded Jack Russell terrier) and Rusty (a red kelpie) to take center stage. The friendship between the two is repeatedly praised on the thread, but u/BloodEclipse27 shares precisely why the episode matters when they write,

“I told my best friend that they’re the Rusty to my Jack the other day; as someone who has ADHD like Jack, it’s good to have people who don’t judge you for it.”

A major part of the episode is Jack wrestling with his excitable nature, implied to be due to his ADHD/ADD. Speaking as someone who shares Jack’s implied condition, this writer can definitely agree that this type of representation isn’t just essential but palpably noticeable by the fanbase as well.


Makenzie in Bluey episode Space

Credit: Ludo Studios

“Army” was a genuinely sweet and heartwarming display of friendship and collaborative play between two non-Bluey characters, but “Space” takes that to a whole new level by throwing Mackenzie into the mix. The episode shows just how different the three friend’s personalities are, but it also tackles an issue that many kids (and adults) might wrestle with.

u/Joebranflakes describes it best when they share in their comment,

“But space is about trauma. Unresolved trauma is a big deal. It gets in the way of friendships and aspirations if allowed to fester. Mackenzie confronting his trauma was hugely poignant. To those without it or who have no one who has experienced trauma, perhaps it feels kind of silly. But it’s a very heavy topic and I’m glad the writers and producers of the show decided to do an episode on it.”

To which u/n00dleknight concurs,

“I’m right there with you. I first saw that episode after I bailed on game night with my friends because I felt like they had been ignoring me. It was such a slap in my face that I was missing out on having fun with my friends because of my own abandonment issues. I saw the episode, cried, and then logged on and played with my friends.”

Bluey is no stranger to tackling difficult and emotional subjects, but addressing things like repressed or unprocessed trauma is something else. Moreover, the fact that it’s seen and experienced through the eyes of a child is even more of, in the words of u/dsarma, “a complete stomach punch.”


Rusty plays cricket

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Season 3C ended with “Cricket,” a touching episode with a relatively simple premise. On paper, the plot of why Rusty is so good at cricket isn’t the most thrilling or emotionally gripping, but when has the series ever been that one note?

In reality, the cricket element is more of a framing device. The real meat and potatoes of the matter are the relationships Rusty forms with his brother, Jack, and eventually his little sister as he improves his skills.

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In the comments, several users share that the scenes with the letter from Rusty’s dad and the moment his sister catches him out in their backyard cricket game were the highlight emotional moments, but u/Barn_Brat sums it all up when they write,

“It’s when Dusty catches the ball he hit to her and when you see him all grown up as a cricket player, but I do love when his dad said, ‘”You’ll face harder things than a cricket ball.’”

Additionally, u/kbullock09 shares further down just how much of Rusty’s character this episode shows. The user adds,

“Cricket is one of my favorite episodes no qualifiers. I cry every time at the ending when he hits an east catch to his sister (a moment forecasted earlier in the [episode] when they’re playing in the yard), and then it shows him playing professionally as an adult. It’s such a sweet and well-executed episode, and Rusty is such a sweet character.”

The subreddit goes on for over 300 comments at the time of writing, but it’s clear to see that while Bluey might have a strong fan following, she’s not the only character running the show. Judging by the responses seen by the audience, is it any wonder the other characters are being included in a miniseries?

Who’s your favorite side character on Bluey? Tell us in the comments down below!

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