Fans Shocked by Disappointing Minnie Meet and Greet Videos

Terrible Minnie Meet and Greet
Credit:Disney World

One of the most magical moments for a Disney fan is meeting beloved Walt Disney World and Disneyland characters. From hugging Mickey Mouse to high-fiving Donald Duck and getting a sweet photo with Minnie Mouse… they are moments to be remembered.

Unfortunately, Minnie Mouse at Disneyland Resort is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Disneyland Mickey and Minnie in Holiday Outfits
Credit: Disney

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Guests visiting the Southern California theme park, Disney California Adventure Park, are sharing stories and videos of Minnie Mouse not giving Disney Park Guests much to work with for a meet and greet. It seems like Minnie Mouse would rather be anywhere but greeting Guests.

@aikotov1 took to social media to share a video, stating, “This is how minnie decided to treat my kid after making 1 hour in line…Not a magical time….” The video also notes, “This is not the way anyone should be treated at Disneyland.”

Check out the video below:


This is how minnie decided to treat my kid after making 1 hour in line…Not a magical time…@Disney Parks @Disneyland California @Disneyland California #disneyland #disneyparks #minniemouse #mickeymouse

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As you can see in the video, the child goes in for her turn with Minnie Mouse. While it’s obvious the child is eager to hug Minnie, Minnie quickly turns the child around, seemingly only focused on getting the photo and moving on.

It’s sad to see this happen to a child, but even Disney adults are feeling the awkwardness of this meet-and-greet with Minnie.

@krystaleverdeen took to social media to share her experience of the awkward meet and greet with Minnie Mouse… again with Minnie seeming disconnected and rushed to complete the photo. Check out the video below:

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Now that the holidays have arrived, the Disney Cast Members and characters are as busy as ever. With characters dressed in their holiday finest, meet and greet lines are extra long as Guests want to capture that perfect moment with Mickey, Minnie, and friends.

But is this Minnie Mouse right to rush along the Guest experience? Some believe Minnie is just doing her job and that Guests shouldn’t expect more than the basics. But… hugging a child is something you’d think would be standard for a character meet and greet, right?

The comments on the videos are mostly in agreeance that these Minnie Mouse meet and greet moments are indeed awkward and rushed, leaving fans shocked at Minnie’s lack of care.

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