Toontown Announcement Leaves Fans Begging For Tomorrowland Revamp

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On November 15, Disney announced that, in addition to building Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, they would be doing a major overhaul to Mickey’s Toontown Square at Disneyland Resort. The space would receive a beautiful new, interactive fountain, a large tree space to relax and play, and interactive water tables for both adults and kids to take advantage of and enjoy. Toontown Square is currently open but will close in March 2022, when more major work starts.

Mickey's ToonTown

Credit: Disney

While the news of a Toontown makeover was exciting to some, it left many feeling that Disney was not focusing on the right area of the Park. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have areas of the Park called Tomorrowland, where the future is supposed to be brought to life. However, neither the Disneyland nor Walt Disney World versions have received upgrades in quite a while, so many fans and Guests feel that Tomorrowland is now a look at what the people of the past thought the future would look like.


Credit: Disney

After Disney’s Toontown announcement, fans took to Twitter to once again beg Disney to upgrade Tomorrowland, the area they feel most deserves — and is most in need of — a Disney upgrade and makeover.

Matthew Serrano (@matthewgserrano) was happy to hear that Toontown would be getting a ton of great new additions but pointed out that there is a lot at Tomorrowland that is unusable, which is such a waste of prime Disney real estate.

Very happy about the Toontown love but I wonder if they realize that in Tomorrowland there’s currently an empty 3-D movie theater, an underutilized stage, and launch bay which is huge and currently inaccessible to guests.

Shawnathan42 is frustrated that there are still areas of Tomorrowland that are unfinished, or look unfinished, and feels that Disney should focus on those things before they begin a bunch of new work on Toontown.

Uhhh, y’all still haven’t finished the new entrance to Tomorrowland. Or done anything with the huge Innovations Building. And don’t get me started on the Observatron and Rocket Rods track

However, some Guests pointed out that, while Tomorrowland is in need of a serious facelift, that would be a much more ambitious undertaking than the work that is being done to Toontown.

Jennifer Strichart (@KissedAwake) felt that it was smart of Disney to make other areas of the Park more desirable, so people would have a place to go in the chance that Disney did decide to shut down Tomorrowland for a major overhaul in the future.

People are really surprised that Disney is focusing on Toon Town first, but Tomorrowland is going to take so much work, it makes sense to do something “easier” first and draw people there while Tomorrowland is out of commission.

Max (@theinvisiblemax) was excited to hear the news and speculated that Disney does in fact have plans to work on both Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, but is holding off on those because the plans are so ambitious.

this new toontown thing is genuinely so exciting because it means that the company values that space enough to give it new life. they obviously have plans for fantasyland and tomorrowland but they’re probably too ambitious to start just yet.

Walt Disney was famous for saying that Disneyland will never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world, and Disney employs some of the most creative minds in the business, so it is absolutely within the realm of possibility that a major Tomorrowland revamp will happen sometime in the future. Hopefully in the not too distant future.

Do you think Disney should focus on Tomorrowland at Disneyland and Walt Disney World instead of Toontown?

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