Fan Finds Whiteboard of DISNEY SECRETS at Goodwill

Disney secrets
Credit: Disney and @tobishehshii on TikTok

Every once in a while a Disney fan will post something truly unbelievable to social media. This is absolutely one of those times. A TikTok user claims to have found a secret whiteboard full of ideas for Disney Park changes at a Goodwill.

Disneyland Resort

Credit: Disney

TikTok User Finds Discarded Whiteboard

When you go thrift shopping, you usually expect to find some cool vintage products and discounted clothes and items. What you don’t expect to find is a white board full of secret ideas for Disneyland Park changes. TikToker @tobisehshii claims to have found just that. The user posted a video to social media on February 23, 2023, showing what he claims to be a white board full of potential Disney Park changes.

Based on context clues from the whiteboard in the TikTok video, the Park in question seems to be Disneyland Resort in Southern California. The board reads “North, Park your ideas here.” Around this message comes a plethora of Park ideas from presumably Cast member’s.

Chip n dale

Credit: Disney

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Whiteboard Full of Disney’s Ideas

The TikTok video’s footage is not very clear, but you can make out some of the ideas on the board. Ideas include,

“Why don’t we do anything with the trolly storage behind Toon?”

“What can we use the area behind Chip & Dales Treehouse for???”

“What if attractions with height regs had play areas for little ones near the entertrance/ exit (and rest spots for parents with enough seating.)”

“What if we had purpose built Dining/Reserved Parade/ Type viewing so we could offer seating Guests expect and not take away from existing viewing?”

“Can we have walls and doors for the Small World Toy Shop so they don’t exit into the queue?”

“Why is ToonTowns flood evac. route prone to flooding + mud slides?…”



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Many more ideas are on the whiteboard, they are just more difficult to read due to the videos quality. The general theme is ideas for Disneyland Resort that would make the theme Park better for Guests.

If this whiteboard is legitimate as user @tobisehshii claims it to be, this would be an incredible find. It is hard to belive that the Walt Disney Company would ever donate something full of theme Park information still on it. A possible explanation for the board could be that it was used as a mock-training exercise for a college or school program. As of now, much remains a mystery about this whiteboard.


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