Experiences Walt Disney World Insiders Rarely Do

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There is so much offered by Walt Disney World that it is next to impossible to fit it all in each and every time.  So, what are those experiences that Disney experts skip?  We have the inside scoop for your next trip so you too can be a Disney insider.

1. Parades

One of the big events that insiders often skip is the parade.  Right now, Disney isn’t offering an official parade but instead has cavalcades that pop up throughout the day.  Disney insiders don’t schedule their days around these events.  Instead, they focus on the rides and use the parades and cavalcades as a way to beat the crowds.  You won’t typically find a Disney regular hanging out for the parade as they are typically using this time to ride the rides with shorter waits.

2. Fireworks

Disney has just started offering fireworks once again throughout the parks.  Although most everyone is stopping by to watch these once again, an insider isn’t one that normally would sit around for hours waiting for the show to begin.  A regular continues to ride the rides and see the shows and will quickly find a spot a few minutes before the nighttime spectacular begins or will continue to explore the park during the low wait times fireworks brings.  

3. Rope Drop

If you look on most blogs or watch any YouTube channels about visiting Disney, they are sure to tell you to get to the parks for rope drop.  This is extremely important if you have specific ride goals in mind.  It gets you ahead of late arrivals and allows you lower wait times.  Regulars however have a tendency to sleep in and get a slower start to the day.  Knowing they don’t have to ride Space Mountain at rope drop allows regulars to take a slower pace to the day and not need to be at rope drop.  

4. Classic Rides

This might seem like it goes against all things Disney, but a Disney veteran might not hit the classic attractions each and every time.  Yes, this means that it’s a Small World might not be experienced.  Regular visitors enjoy more of the atmosphere of the park overall instead of the rides themselves.  Some regular visitors might not even ride a ride while visiting as they are just there to soak in the magic.

5. Popular Restaurants

Again, if you read any blogs or watch vlogs when it comes to planning a Disney vacation, there are specific dining experiences that they will all recommend.  Cinderella’s Royal Table, ‘Ohana, California Grill, Topolino’s are a few that might come up.  A Disney regular doesn’t feel the need to hit the must-do dining experiences each and every time.  They will skip those popular table service meals in favor of lounges or other hidden gems.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast

6. Thrill Rides

Everyone loves a good thrill and when you head to Disney you want to make sure you have the chance to ride those high thrill rides like Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster.  A regular visitor to Disney is okay taking a break from thrills.  They might just enjoy the details surrounding Expedition Everest or enjoy watching guests come out of Rock n’ Roller Coaster but they don’t feel the need for speed themselves.  

7. Stay All Day

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World it is easy to think you can stay from park opening to park closed, but Disney insiders rarely do this.  Most experts who visit Disney know that a mid-day break is a must.  Disney is hot, humid, crowded and has a lot of stimulation.  Allowing yourself a break from it all is something that experts plan into their day.  Rest at the resort, swim, have a meal or sit and chill as you people watch.  These are all things that insiders take time to do during their vacation.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort (Credit: Disney)

These are just a few quick tips that Disney insiders take into consideration when they visit Walt Disney World.  We hope that it will help you have a fantastic time during your next trip.

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