“Entitled” Fans SNEAK Backstage Into Disney Legend Lea Salonga’s Dressing Room, Resulting in Harsh Words From the Disney Princess

Lea salonga
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A rude group was exposed for disrespecting Lea Salonga, and her fans are NOT having it!

Lea Salonga is a name that is synonymous with talent and success. Born on February 22, 1971, in Manila, Philippines, Salonga’s journey to becoming a world-renowned singer and actress has taken her from local stardom to the global stage, with her most notable affiliation being with the entertainment giant, the Walt Disney Company.

Over her long and incredible career, Lea Salonga has given her powerful voice to the world on the Broadway and West End stage and the screen. Most notably, she is the voice behind two Disney Princesses, Princess Mulan and Princess Jasmine. 

Lea salonga

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Lea Salonga: A Disney Legend

In addition to her incredible talent, fans love Lea because of her incredibly big heart. She truly embodies what it means to be a Disney Princess, and fans feel very protective of the musical theatre actress. This is why her supporters were disgusted to hear of an incident that took place backstage at Salonga’s current Broadway show.

Right now, Salonga is starring in the new musical, Here Lies Love. Backstage after a show, a group of fans snuck backstage to meet the star. Footage of the incident has now gone viral. The video shows a shocked Salonga reacting to these fans backstage. These Guests were not on the list to visit her, and it is clear that she is uncomfortable seeing them there.

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Disney Fans, Do Better!

This entire video is incredibly difficult to watch. It brings up a bigger conversation about how we, as fans, are treating Disney celebrities. It is so important to stay professional and courteous of an actor’s personal space, and this incident goes directly against that.


Lea Salonga expressed frustrations with fans who trespassed backstage broadway leasalonga

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As the video continues to gain traction online, all fans should take a moment to remember that actors, even beloved princesses, are real people too!

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