Eating Pickles Can Earn You an AWARD at Disney

Disney pickles
Credit: Disney and Canva

When one thinks of Disney, images of magical castles, thrilling attractions, and beloved characters instantly come to mind. However, amidst the excitement and wonder, there is another hidden gem that many visitors often overlook – the Disney pickles. These crunchy delights have become a staple in the parks, bringing a unique and zesty flavor to the Disney experience.

Credit: Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

Credit: Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

Unlikely Treat Becomes Disney Staple

In a Park full of gourmet treats and meals, it is comical that pickles end up being the preferred treat of so many fans. Visitors can find these delectable snacks at various locations throughout the property, making them a convenient snack for the on-the-go Guest. Whether you are strolling down Main Street, U.S.A., or dashing to your next Lightning Lane reservation, you are never far from a tangy treat.

In recent years, Disney has taken their dill pickle game to a whole new level by introducing innovative and unexpected creations. The Pickle Milkshake, a whimsical concoction that combines the flavors of sweet and sour, has generated a lot of buzz in the Disney parks community after it was announced as an offering for this year’s Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT. Although it may sound peculiar, the tangy taste of the pickle apparently perfectly complements the sweetness of the milkshake.

Pickle Milkshake

Credit: Disney

Fried pickles, pickle corndogs, and other treats have all become Disney Park staples as well.

Loving Pickles Deserves an Award… Literally

Something fans may not know is that loving pickles can actually get you recognized by Disney. At Disneyland Park, the first Guest to purchase the pickle of the day earns a special pin memorializing the event. This free award will give you major kudos from any pickle-loving Disney Parks fan. 


First pickle of the day. And go home immediately after. #FirstPickleofTheDay #Pickle #Disneyland #DisneyPickle #firstpickleoftheday @Disneyland California

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As you can see from the Guests in this TikTok, some theme park fans take this race very seriously. Being able to purchase the inaugural Disneyland pickle will require an early arrival at the Park and a speed walk to the pickle stand. In my opinion, it’s worth it!

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