Try at Your Own Risk: This May Just Be Disney’s Most DISGUSTING Concotion Yet

Pickle milkshake
Credit: Disney

When Walt Disney World announced that Muppet Labs would have a booth at this year’s Food and Wine Festival, we got excited! When they announced new details, we were positively giddy. Then we dove deep into the offerings, and um…we had some concerns.

Pickle milkshake mullet brew wing

Credit: Disney

In true Muppet fashion, the menu is experimental. If you’re an “adventure eater,” then this booth is for you! If you prefer your treats on the tamer side, this might be a Food and Wine location to skip.

According to Disney, “The Brew-Wing Lab at the Odyssey [is] where guests will embark on a flavorful adventure, featuring the culinary creations – and madcap mishaps – of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker, from Muppet Labs!” The whole area has been designed to look like a tasting lab where you are the guinea pig.

Muppet tasting lab pickle milkshake

Credit: Disney

It’s a neat idea, and we absolutely love seeing more Muppets represented in the Parks. Some of the options sound intriguing, like the “Unnecessarily Spicy, Yet Extremely Tasty Scotch Bonnet Pepper-Curry Wings”, but some of the options have gone a bit…awry. Granted, that’s the entire point, but that doesn’t make it taste any better.

One offering in particular, though, has our eyebrows raised (and wallets closed). It’s a pickle milkshake. Yeah, you read that right. Pickle. Milkshake. In Florida heat. Hello stomach ache.

Pickle milkshake Disney

Credit: Disney

Disney has come up with some wild ideas in the past (including a tentacle topped bloody mary) but the pickle milkshake takes the cake. Listen, we love pickles. We love milkshakes. But I love sushi and chocolate pudding too, that doesn’t mean I want a mash up. Some things just don’t belong together.

To be clear, the milkshake isn’t just a food coloring vanilla shake in a pickle cup. Nor is it subtle. This is a full-on pickle-flavored salty, sweet and sour milkshake. It is even topped with dill and coriander seeds. Pregnant women everywhere rejoiced while the rest of us….watched in horror. Will you be trying this shake? Head over to Facebook and let us know.

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