Disneyland’s Most INFAMOUS Offering Officially Heading to Walt Disney World

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Whether visiting Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, there’s more to the theme parks than just rides, parades, and fireworks.

For some of Disney’s biggest fans, half the fun comes from the offerings casual guests may skip over.

There’s More to a Disney Park Than the Rides!

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Taking one’s time to enjoy the ambiance, thoroughly peruse souvenirs, and waiting in line for fun snacks are some of the things hardcore Disney fans don’t mind spending their limited time on. After all, trying to fit all of the attractions in one day can be exhausting!

If you’re not interested in the hustle and bustle of a Disney park, but you still want that Disney feeling, just head on over to Downtown Disney, home to one of Disneyland Resort’s most infamous offerings: a pickle corndog.

Yes, you read that correctly: a pickle corndog.

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Don’t Worry, We Also Did a Double-Take the First Time We Heard of This Concoction

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs is one of the food options guests can choose from while visiting Disneyland’s Downtown Disney, and they’re most famous for a pickle corndog.

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This concoction takes a hot dog, shoves it inside of a pickle, and then deep fries the entire thing in traditional corndog batter. We can see why this snack is a little more divisive than something as tame as Dole Whip, for example.

If you’ve ever wanted to try this concoction but found yourself closer to Walt Disney World than Disneyland Resort, that’s no problem! The official Blue Ribbon Corn Dog Instagram page confirms that a location will be opening in Walt Disney World soon.

But where exactly in Walt Disney World?

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While the Disneyland version resides in Downtown Disney, the Disney World version won’t open in Disney Springs. Instead, a stand will be opening at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

Could another location be opening in Disney Springs? It’s possible, especially depending on the success of the Boardwalk Resort location.

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