Disney Expert Breaks Down the WORST Foods at Disney

One of the many reasons why Guests love visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort is the incredible food. The parks are famous for things like a Mickey Beignet, Mickey Waffle, and a Disneyland Churro. For many Guests, eating is one of the best parts of visiting the Parks.

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is known for having some exceptional food options. However, not all of the food at Disneyland is good. In fact, some are actually horrible!

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The Worst Foods at Disneyland Resort

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Disneyland Resort and its numerous parks and attractions offer a wealth of experiences for visitors of all ages. From the classic rides that have entertained Guests for generations to the innovative new attractions that have recently been added, there is no shortage of things to see and do at Disneyland.

Although Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure have a wide variety of dining options, not all are created equal. In this article, we will look at some of the worst foods at Disneyland Resort, as ranked by a Disney expert, @bethanyvinton, on TikTok.

Mickey Waffles


#3: Daisy’s Dressed-Up Dog

When it comes to Disneyland Food, this is one of the worst. Located at Cafe Daisy, you can find “Daisy’s Dressed Up Dog.” According to Bethany, this dog is “wrinkly” yet also incredibly dry. This hot dog comes with chile-cheese sauce and mac-and-cheese and comes topped with parmigiana potato chips. For $14.49, this meal is a miss.

#2:  Mac & Cheese in a Bread Bowl

This take is significantly more controversial than the last. For many fans, this bread bowl is one of the most loved meals on Disneyland property. In reality, it is a fairly simple meal with some mediocre mac & cheese and plain sourdough bread. Bethany doesn’t like this meal because it does not have enough sauce to enjoy the remainder of the bread. For $11.99, this is a miss for many.

#1: Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro

Bethany’s worst of the worst is no other meal than the horrifying Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro. Numerous Guests have reported feeling ill at just the thought of this churro. This dish is a churro dusted with crushed spicy cheese chips and chile-lime sugar, dressed with nacho cheese sauce and crushed spicy cheese chips. WHY!?


May I present to you the worst things I ate in Disneyland. ? Stick around for the churro because it’s offensive. #disneyland #disneyparks #disneyfood

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Despite the occasional misstep, the food at Disneyland and its parks are generally pretty good. There are plenty of Disneyland Restaurants to choose from, and with a little bit of research, visitors can find some real gems. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

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