Disney’s Newest Walking Animatronic Will Blow Your Mind!

Duke Weaselton Animatronic Zootopia Land Shanghai Disney
Credit: ThemeParkDustin Instagram

On December 20, Disney will open a highly-anticipated new land at its Shanghai Disneyland Resort — the city of Zootopia. Guests will be able to visit Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, and all of their friends in the huge metropolitan. The land is based on the hit 2016 film, Zootopia, and is the first of its kind in a Disney park. There were rumors that a Zootopia land may be coming to Walt Disney World, but Disney has not made any such announcement.

Disney Imagineers went above and beyond for the new Zootopia land, and their attention to detail is unmatched. However, one of the best parts of Zootopia might just be one of its new animatronics.

zootopia land shanghai disneyland resort

Credit: Disney Parks

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Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro is in Shanghai for the opening of Zootopia and spoke to an excited crowd. While on stage, D’Amaro was interrupted by a WALKING DUKE WEASELTON animatronic. Yes, you read that correctly. Disney has created an animatronic that walks, talks, and interacts with people. It was truly a stunning sight to see.

Zootopia Land

Credit: Disney

You may remember that Duke Weaselton is the shady character hired by the evil Dawn Bellweather to harvest the Night Howlers. Night Howlers are toxic flowers that can turn even the tamest of Zootopia’s citizens into raging, dangerous beasts.

Dustin Schofield (@themeparkdustin), a Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering, shared a video of the incredible interaction.

Duke Weaselton made a surprise appearance on stage with Josh D’Amaro to pitch becoming Zootopia’s next official ambassador!

Disney’s Exciting New Land

The stunning Duke Weaselton animatronic is only a small part of the fantastic new Zootopia land. The area will be full of amazing shopping, character meet and greets, dining, as well as a brand-new attraction.

Zootopia comes alive in new attraction, called Zootopia: Hot Pursuit. Guests will become rookie police officers in the Zootopia Police Department. They then race through the city as they try to rescue Gazelle — the international singing superstar — who has been kidnapped. Guests will travel through Tundratown, Mystic Springs Oasis, Sahara Square, and more.

Zootopia Hot Pursuit Shanghai Disney

Credit: Disney

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When it’s time to eat, guests can head to the Zootopia Market or Jumbeaux’s Cafe. They will be able to dine on delicious options like Zootopia Blueberry Pie, Judy’s Waffle with Ginger-flavored ice cream, a frittata sandwich, and Nick Wilde’s signature Zootopia Pawpsicle. And don’t forget to snag one of Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts!

Zootopia Land Shanghai Disney

Credit: Disney

It wouldn’t be Zootopia if you couldn’t meet Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. You can find them at the Zootopia Police Department’s Recruitment Center. And if you head to Zootopia Park Apartments, keep an eye out. You may be able to spot Flash the Sloth, Koslove the polar bear, Mr. Big, and even the Hopps family.

Of course, a trip to Disney is not complete without a souvenir or two. Head down Mane Street, where, at Fashions By Fru Fru, guests can purchase hundreds of items inspired by the 2016 movie. It’s a Zootopia fan’s dream!

What do you think of Disney’s Duke Weaselton animatronic? Let us know in the comments!

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