“Down With the Pin Traders!” Fans Celebrate the End of a Once Beloved Disney Tradition

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The public has spoken, and “hard-core” pin trading is out of style.

For many fans, loving Disney Parks also means loving pin trading. For decades, buying, collecting, and trading Disney pins has been a massively popular hobby for Disney fans of all ages. In the process, Disney pin traders have created a vibrant subculture that is embedded in the Disney Parks experience.

Now, that may be changing.

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Pushback Against Pin Traders: Could This Be the End?

Pin trading originated in Disneyland Resort in the late 1990s, and the hobby quickly spread to Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney destinations worldwide. The Disney pins are small, metal souvenirs adorned with beloved Disney characters and icons. With thousands of designs to choose from, each Disney pin serves as a tangible reminder of cherished memories made at Disney Parks and beyond.

As the hobby grew, some Guests took pin collecting to a much more extreme level and began spending most of their time in the Parks discussing pins and trading with other collectors. In the present day, there are certain areas of the Parks that are practically owned by Disney pin traders.

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Fans Don’t Find Fun in Hobby Extremists

Now, clearly, no one is hating on the everyday fan buying and collecting pins as they enjoy their day. The drama arises with those who hog up certain parts of the Parks and make pin trading an exclusive thing. This can be seen at Disneyland Park, where certain pin trading communities have taken up entire benches in Fronteirland.

For the past few months, members of the r/Disneyland Reddit have been discussing how irritating it is to have these benches taken by these groups all day. After a lot of pushback against these groups, a breakthrough has been made.

A Guest visiting the Park on August 14, 2023, was happy to report that there were no pin traders at their usual post in Fronteirland.

No pin traders today…
by u/logic_3rr0r in Disneyland

Fans rejoiced at this news. In the days to follow, fans will be intently watching to see if these traders return or if they are really gone for good.

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