Don’t Miss Out- Tips to Make Sure You Snag Your Annual Pass Before They Sell Out

Disney Annual Pass

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are going on sale again! It’s an Easter Miracle! Yesterday Dianey surprised us all by announcing the return of Annual Pass sales on April 20, 2023. That said, there’s no guarantee that Annual Passes will stay on sale. As we’ve seen with Disneyland’s Magic Keys, there’s the potential the Disney World executives could say “woah! We’ve sold enough! We are going to pause new Annual Pass sales.” Disney has not promised that the sale of the passes was back for good, simply that on April 20, you’ll be able to purchase.

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We’re once bitten twice shy with this announcement: we missed out on the last time AP’s went on sale after the pandemic. This time we aren’t taking any chances. Despite no official confirmation one way or the other, we are prepping and getting ready for the big day as if they won’t be on sale on April 21. If you feel like we do about it, you need to check out these tips so that you can snag your Pass.

Be Up Early

This one is so important! You’re going to be one of thousands of people trying to buy a pass on the 20th. Disney IT is…not known for being particularly efficient so expect their servers to get overloaded. When that happens, you’ll be put in a queue and have to wait before making your purchase. You’ll know you’re in the queue if you see the infamous “we’re almost in orbit” page. People are let on to the site to make their purchase in the order they logged on so it’s incredibly important that you’re up early and online before the sale begins.

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Do NOT Refresh Your Page For Any Reason

Credit: Disney

This might seem dramatic but I promise it’s not. As discussed above, Disney IT is horrible. The odds that you’ll be put in a waiting area before buying your Annual Pass is high. This is first come first served, think of it like waiting in a virtual line. If you get out of line they don’t let you go back to the spot you were in, you have to go to the back. It’s the same if you hit that refresh button. You pull yourself out of line and have to go to the back.

Don’t Hesitate 

Disney World Annual Pass

Credit: Walt Disney World Website

Anyone who has ever tried to snag limited edition merchandise on shopDisney knows this tip well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the site trying to choose between two items only to have them sell out while I was deciding. Research the different Annual Pass options ahead of time and know which one you want in advance. That way on April 20, all you have to do is click, click, buy!

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Don’t Bank on Upgrading Your Tickets 

Credit: Disney Dining

One of the nice perks of buying your Annual Pass in person is that you can roll your theme park tickets into the cost of your pass. However, the addition of Park Passes means that you’ll have to wait until the last day of your trip or risk losing your park reservations. Of course, depending on when the last day of.your trip is, if you wait until the last day you’ll risk Annual Pass sales “selling out” so to speak and being unavailable.




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