Disturbing Video Shows Just How Bad Disney’s Food Waste Problem Really Is

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort may be the most magical and happy places on Earth, but they certainly aren’t the most eco-friendly.

For years, environmentalists have criticized Disney for being harmful to the planet. Every year, millions of visitors flock to the various Disney Pars, searching for a magical experience. Unfortunately, vacations do have a negative impact on the environment, and regardless of Disney’s efforts, it’s nearly impossible not to create waste on any vacation.

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The Cost of Magic: Disney Under Fire for Wasteful Practices

A fan who recently visited the Park was shocked to see just how bad the problem with food waste at Disney really is. The fan was shocked and decided to capture a video showing just how much food Disney was wasting that could have easily been saved. The Guest posted the video on Reddit, saying;

“This is pretty wasteful. They could easily put that extra into a big pile and keep using it instead of just throwing it away.”

This is pretty wasteful
by u/dimondedits in Disneyland

This situation has made some fans wonder just how wasteful the Disney Parks are. A former Cast Member spoke out on the situation, saying;

“It’s so hard. I’ll start with I don’t speak for the company. As an ex CM they make us throw away so so much. As someone who cares about the environment after about 6 months I left because I didn’t want to participate in so much waste. If you think that’s bad you don’t want to know how much the food carts throw away.”

Is Disney Doing Enough to Protect the Environment?

This isn’t the first time that Disney has been criticized for now being environmentally friendly. In the past, environmentalists have called out Disney for polluting the air with their nightly fireworks show. They also have been critical of all of the plastic products being sold around the Parks.

However, Disney has continued to state that they are “committed to taking meaningful and measurable action to support a healthier planet.”

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Our Magical Disney Moments

According to the Walt Disney Company’s website, Disney is diligently trying to reduce emissions, conserve water and reduce waste. The Parks also claim to have a commitment to making lower-impact products and building their Parks in a sustainable way.

As the video circulates, it will be interesting to see if Disney makes any changes to help eliminate food waste at every Disney Park.

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