Disney’s Newest Avengers-Themed Location Prepares to Open Its Doors

Avengers Campus Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Right now, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is going through a massive transitional period. The Resort, which consists of Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, has seen a variety of major changes over the past year. Closures have been happening all throughout the Park this summer, and only now are we finally able to see the new additions being made.

Out With the Old… And in With the New

Just yesterday, fans said goodbye to the Avengers Superstore, one of Disney California Adventure Park’s major shopping locations. While this closure may be sad for some, Disney is providing an emotional bandaid in the form of a new Marvel merchandise store being opened in just a few days.

Avengers Campus

Credit: Disney

The highly anticipated new store, the Avengers Vault at Disneyland Resort, is set to become a haven for Marvel fans and enthusiasts. Located at the Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park, this store will bring the beloved Marvel superheroes’ merchandise to a convenient location for Guests.

Avengers Vault Puts Signage Up

The Avengers Campus, which is an expansion of Disney California Adventure, is a Marvel-themed area where guests can immerse themselves in the exciting world of Marvel superheroes. From Iron Man to Captain America, this campus offers an immersive experience for fans of all ages. Now, with the addition of the Avengers vault, the experience is set to become even more thrilling.

avengers campus characters

Credit: Disney

Avengers Vault will be home to a wide range of Marvel collectibles, merchandise, and memorabilia. Visitors can find everything from action figures to clothing and accessories inspired by their favorite superheroes. This store will be a dream come true for any Marvel fan, with a variety of items that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Today, signage for the store was finally put up outside the store’s entrance. Inside, Cast Members must be hard at work preparing for the official opening, which is happening in only a few short days. Starting on Monday, September 18, fans will finally be able to see all that the Vault has to offer.

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