Fans Mourn the CLOSURE of This Disney ‘Avengers’ Location

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It’s the end of the road for this iconic Disney location.

On June 4, 2021, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened a new Park area that changed everything. Avengers Campus, located in Disney California Adventure Park, is a dream come true for many Marvel fans looking to immerse themselves in the exciting world of superheroes.

The land features incredible attractions, world-class merchandise, delicious food, and “heroic encounters” with everyone’s favorite Marvel characters. Unfortunately, one location within the land will no longer be providing magic to Guests, as it has closed today.

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Spider-Man Avengers Campus

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Another Location Bites the Dust

This year, the Disney Parks have seen many significant changes. Whether it be saying goodbye to iconic rides like Splash Mountain, saying hello to new restaurants like Tiana’s Palace, or waiting around for the plethora of renovations to be completed, fans have had no lack of evolution this year within the Parks.

With new additions, fans also have to say goodbye to some old favorites. This is exactly the situation fans are currently experiencing with one Avengers Campus location.

Avengers Campus

Credit: Disney

The Avengers Super Store has been a favorite among Guests since its opening. The store is filled with an extensive range of superhero merchandise, allowing fans to bring a piece of the Avengers home with them. From Iron Man t-shirts to Black Panther action figures, the store offered an unparalleled selection of Marvel merchandise.

Disney Already Cites New Replacement

Unfortunately, the Avengers Super Store is closed as of today, September 14. Fans will miss the air-conditioned store and all of its merchandise.

However, there is no need for fans to panic. On September 18, just days after the closing of the Avengers Store, fans will be able to celebrate the opening of the Avengers Vault, an all-new shopping location also located in Avengers Campus.

Avengers Superstore closes tomorrow, 9/14. I will miss the cold a/c.
byu/pwrof3 inDisneyland

While seeing locations close can be sad, it is a necessary part of keeping a place like Disneyland Resort new and fresh for fans. Only time will be able to show if this new store is able to survive with the changing times we live in.

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